Monday, October 13, 2008

because you didn't know

My friend Rose from high school had this idea back in January. Since I have no shame I am going to straight up jack it from her and use it as my own.

I've had some new readers in the last week, thanks to Rose and Jen putting me on their blogroll. And I realized many of you may not know much about me.

(Additionally, you may have no desire to know anything. And that's cool. If that's the case, skip this blog entry and wait for the next. No offense will be taken.)

Fortunately for you, I'm not interesting enough to have 100 things to share about myself. I had to stop at 35.
  2. I grew up in Topeka, KS, then moved to Lawrence for college, and ended up in KC.
  3. I hate the sound of buzzers. Of any kind. That freaking annoying buzzer in Taboo, the buzzer at basketball games, the humming of electricity. Gross gross gross.
  4. I have had three serious relationships in my entire life. (More on that in another post. Promise.)
  5. I love shoes. Almost as much as hubs.
  6. My biggest pet peeve is when someone attempts to touch the steering wheel whilst I am driving.
  7. Hubs and I have the most amazing story. He swept me off my feet in an elevator. (More on that in another post as well. It's a good one.)
  8. I sell carpet for a living. (Does that make me sound like John Candy in "Planes, Trains and Automobiles" where he sold shower curtain rings? My job is nothing like that. It's way, way cooler. I get to sell commercial carpeting to some of the coolest people on the planet.)
  9. I am not a natural blonde.
  10. I have one tattoo of my wedding day on the back of my neck.
  11. Carrie Bradshaw has my life. (Except she's married to Big and hubs is way cuter and never acts like an asshole. Ever.)
  12. I am a hypochondriac. (Sort of. Like, okay, I get a headache and assume it's a tumor, or get a paper cut and and worry microscopic baby insects are going to make a nest in there and eat my finger off. Whatevs.)
  13. My bachelor's degree is in Interior Design from the University of Kansas. It took me six years to get it.
  14. I despise poor grammar. Learn there, their and they're.
  15. My biggest food weakness is chips, salsa and any form of cheese dip.
  16. I love kids. Especially little babies. Read this and this and get caught up on my obsession.
  17. I'm a step-mom. Love it love it love it.
  18. I actually enjoy paying bills. I love to cross them off as I finish them and do a little victory dance when my Visa balance is $0.00.
  19. I have super cool friends. Erin is my fave.
  20. I have a hard time with forgiveness and forgetting the past. Sorry, it's in my genes. Read this and this and you'll see that I'm getting better about it. Really.
  21. I cry about ev-er-y-thing.
  22. My first job was at Things Remembered in the West Ridge Mall. I engraved stuff for people. Like flasks that grooms give to their groomsman. I often wonder how many of those wedding favors I engraved ended up in divorce.
  23. I have played the cello since 4th grade.
  24. I am occasionally paranoid. See #11. We've discussed this before, where have you been?
  25. Gone With the Wind is my favorite movie.
  26. I am in love with Billy Joel's music.
  27. Spatial relationships are hard for me. I run into a lot of things and fall down a lot.
  28. I hate math.
  29. I love English. And I love the written word. I read all. the. time.
  30. My biggest goal/dream is to write a novel/book/magazine column. See #10.
  31. I am one of those weird people that hearts family. Both biological and in-lawed. And my mom is my bff.
  32. I would love to live in Chicago someday.
  33. My least favorite body part is my ears. Ever seen Dumbo? Exactly.
  34. In grade school, I wrote an essay about staying off of drugs and won a trip to school in a fire truck (with Erin) and got to be Vice Principal for a day.
  35. I love memories. I love to think about the past, read my journals (I have over 10 journals starting from age 12) look at old pictures and watch home videos. My past made me who I am.

So there they are. 35 things you may or may not have known. Anything you're curious about that I didn't cover? Just ask...anything. I will answer.


rosiesmrtiepants said...

Very nice! I've been thinking about updating mine. I've also had some traffic from your site, which is always appreciated. You might want to think about putting your blog address in your "about me" box that's on your profile. I know it increased my traffic quite a bit!

Jolene said...

ok, I feel gypped. I believe that B-rad (yours, not mine) has been keeping you to himself. I feel like our plan to move to the West coast (making that west coast sign with my fingers) was just shy of becoming couples friends. booo. I also feel if I were to write 35 things about myself, I would have about 25 the same. Especially the math one! Make hubs (LOVE that!) get you to California for a visit! :)

kim said...

I'm telling you, you should just move to KC. It's cheaper and less toxic.

We will come to visit soon. For real. I haven't been to California since I was abou 9. And all I remember was that "It's A Small World" at Disneyland totally creeped me out.

erin said...

wow! now i totally feel loved. (see #19). ps your writing cracks me up.