Friday, October 10, 2008

chick lit in a flick

I admit it. I love Nicholas Sparks books. The man understands what romance (albeit unrealistic) is all about. Each time I finish one of his novels, I'm all lovey dovey and kissy smoochy all day long and I want to talk all about the book with my hubs. One problem.

Hubs doesn't read.


So, if I want him to expereince the book, I have to wait for someone to make a movie out of it. Then I have to drag hubs to the theatre. Then he spends the entire movie explaning where the mistakes are, and how there's no way it's comfortable to have sex on a kitchen table like that. Or hygenic.

Before I continue with this story, I would like to list the last handful of movies that hubs and I have attended recently:

Eagle Eye
Street Kings
The Dark Night

I'm not saying I didn't want to see these movies, but you have to admit there's a pattern here.

Of male machismo. On a 40' screen. I'm just sayin'.

So last night hubs and I are watching television. A commercial for "Nights in Rodanthe" comes on. I mention that we should totally go see it Friday while we're in Iowa and have nothing going on.

Here's how the conversation went:

Me: We should totally go see Nights in Rodanthe tomorrow while we're in Iowa and have nothing going on.

Hubs: (raises eyebrows and snorts.)

Me: What? What's wrong with it? It's Richard Gere and his silvery hair and Diane Lane! And love and smooches!

Hubs: I'm catching up on Entourage tonight cuz Mom has HBO. You can go see it you want.

(I pause for a moment. I totally heart Entourage. But that's not the point right now.)

Me: (tossing hair and trying to look cute and pouty) I'm not going alone! Come on, it'll be so fun!

Hubs: (craning his neck to see TV around my head) The only people that go to movies like that are over 40, babe.

Me: (totally lying) I have friends who would love to see this movie!

Hubs: Then you have old friends. (Gives himself imaginary high five)

Me: (climbing on hubs lap to look him straight in the eye. You know, like you'd do to a dog who's not paying attention) I'm totally going to blog about this tomorrow morning, mister. People are going to comment about how much they love "Nights in Rodanthe" and side with me.

Hubs: And I bet they're all over 40.

So the battle is lost. I will have to wait to watch Richie Gere and Diane Lane to fall head over heels in love. And hubs wins.


It's all good though. The next time we have movie night at home, I'm going to make him watch "A Walk to Remember", "Message in a Bottle" and "The Notebook" in one sitting. That'll bring out the sensitive in him.

Or turn him gay.

And there's nothing wrong with that. Except I prefer him hetero.



Ellen said...

If it makes you feel any better, I hear the movie has an incredibly sad ending.....but you'd probably already know that if you've read the book...

Tracy said...

I'm 28, am very excited to see the flick (read it, loved it). You can tell him he'll be disappointed in the most recent episode of Entourage, I'm sure the movie is better.

kim said...

Yes, Ellen. Book = sad, but so good!!

Tracy, I don't want Entourage to suck!! NOOOOO!!!!!!!

Kara said...

I am dying to see the movie - I ran out and got the book after seeing the previews at Wanted. It's obviously complete awesomeness like the others that he's written.

Ditto on the Entourage thing - I was disappointed at the most recent episode. Ari's my fave.

Kara said...

one more thing...never meeting or knowing your hubs i would have no idea - but I wouldn't mind mine being a bit more metro or sensitive (wonderful traits of my gay pal). :)

kim said...

Truthfully, the hub is pretty sensitive and also pretty metrosexual. He shops, he worries about his hair, (sometimes more than I worry about my own, and that's saying something)and he will engage in the occasional chick flick with me. For instance, he loves "Love Actually", and that's nothing if not a chick flick. But he is not in love with Nicholas Sparks. And so I make fun of him for it. But I love him.

rosiesmrtiepants said...

Ok, so I'm 27 and I would love to see that movie. Lucky for me, Matt and I are still in that stage where I can pretty much wrangle him into seeing whatever movie I want, as long as I promise a reward. It's all about positive reinforcement. :)