Tuesday, October 28, 2008

color me jealous

Dior Show Mascara in Black Out - $24

Eyelash Comb - $7

Primo Make-up Mirror- $85

Knowing your precious baby girl will never need any of it - Priceless

This is my friend's brand new baby. She is priceless in herself, but when I saw this pic of her eyelashes I threw myself down on the floor screaming, "WHYYYY can't I have those??" Less than six months old and she's already got this grown women jealous of her.

But really, I'm doing her a favor. She should get used to vindictive jealousy early. Women are bitches when we smell competition. I'm pretty sure she just smells like Johnson and Johnson's baby lotion, but still...


Bess said...


that's not photoshop'd!? amazing!

kim said...

Ridiculously unfair isn't it?