Wednesday, October 8, 2008

fantasy island

There's this really annoying saying that leads us to believe that anything you dream, you can do. To my utter annoyance, much of my life has been spent disproving this theory (I can't use an umbrella to fly like MP, I didn't model on the cover of Seventeen by age fourteen, and saving myself for marriage...well, you get my drift.)

So I ask, if I dream it can I really achieve it, because I've had lotsa dreams. Get with it, I'm a Pisces. A age 11 I would stare at kiss my wall poster of Joey McIntyre from
NKOTB and dream that we would be married one day. (In no way is that lame.)

At the ripe age of 19, I dreamt that the (eventual ex) boyfriend would propose to me in the same fashion as Ed Harris to Julia Roberts in "Stepmom". Seven years later the only jewelry I had was a plastic spider ring he found on the floor of a bar on Halloween. Uber romantic.

At age 21 I dreamed that my college tuition would pay for itself even though I had no money and made $7.25 an hour as a grocery cashier. CFS Suntech Loans didn't go along with that one.

At 23, I dreamed, wished and prayed for my first real jobby job to pay real cashy cash. You don't have to wonder too long on how that worked out. Hence the paying of college loans until I'm in diapers. See above.

Really then, which dreams are attainable and which should be left behind on the cutting room floor? I don't have an answer so I suppose I'll do what I always do. Make a list, check it twice and hope the dream regarding pots of gold and rainbows isn't a complete pot of crap.

...Shawnee Magazine article will drop in December. Random House will call the next day asking if I by chance have materials that require publishing. Lauren Conrad's novel series is crap and they need a mid-western version of her...a little rounder, happily married and emotionally sound. And with no ties to Heidi or Spencer.

...the dream house that hubs and I found will drop $40K in price, triple in value and sell our current house for us.

...I will put on my favorite pair of skinny jeans only to discover they now belong in the fat jeans category. (if we're going by dreams that are likely, this one should be at the bottom of the pile)

...the hubs quits smoking with no side effects hair will gain volume, shine and length all due to one styling at a Great Clips price. readers will forward my blog to 10 of their friends, I will gain 150K readers in one week and therefore be considered a "successful" blogger. And Perez Hilton will fall of a very steep cliff. Or at least just break all of his fingers, rendering his ridiculous blogging impossible.

Fairly certain these dreams of mine really fall into the category of something else. Like fantasy. Although, porn is a fantasy and peeps get paid for that all the time. Why shouldn't I?


That didn't come out right. I don't want to be paid for porn. For blogging. Just to clarify.


Janette said...

Maybe your dream of kissing Joey from NKOTB is closer to being achieved than you realize.....ask Brad who is was trying to emulate back in Ames when they were hot? i could say more, but then I'd be in trouble.

So funny to read your mention on NKOTB. One of our staff took a couple of days off to go to Chi-town to see them in concert. She was telling me about it today. I didn't know they were back together. (OK, I'm out of it, I guess.)

So, I'd already gone down memory lane of Brad's idol, Joey, once this morning.


kim said...

If you're in trouble, that means I have some good dirt on Brad! Actually, he has told me about this before. And you're right ,in a way, I did receive my dream of marrying Joey. A much hotter version, though. With better dancing skills.