Wednesday, October 8, 2008

fake bakes

This afternoon I drove by a Michael's Craft store and was struck with this thought:

I need to do some baking.

(Why Michael's = baked goods in my head I have no idea. Just go with it.)

Seriously, we're practically on top of Halloween and my loyal clients need something yummy to thank them for working with (and putting up with) me.

For the record, let me just say how much I hate store bought cupcakes and cookies. Especially from Wal-Mart. Puke. They taste like cardboard and look like sugar-coated crap. I call them fake bakes.

On the contrary, I totally heart assorted baked goods from real truly live bakeries with real truly live baker people. Like in big white hats and aprons. So cute. I would love to buy the real deal from these peeps. Unfortunately for yours truly, my expense account (which is dwindling by the hour) cannot handle the often high prices. So, I'm going to do it myself.

Here's the prob. Not too long ago, I told you about my experience with birthday cakes. Though the experience turned out to be pleasant enough, I'm not feeling so solid on this cookie endeavor. However, I totally bought the cutest bat cookie cutter and some pre-made frosting. Hmm, that technically negates the whole I-made-these-all-by-myself factor. Anyways.

I'm still going to try, and if my treats turn out looking like squashed sponge clusters, at least they'll taste decent and I won't have helped Wal-mart in any way.

(Except I did buy my frosting there. Forget I said that. )

I planned on baking the cookies this afternoon and getting all Martha Stewart (minus the beige hair) in the kitch. But I forgot I have a work event tonight. So...the brilliance of my baking will have to wait until tonight when I get home or possibly tomorrow morning. By then I may have backed out of the scenario completely and resorted to just eating the dough. Stay tuned.


Barb said...

A co-worker of mine told me about a yummy recipe yesterday -- spice cake cakemix + a can of pumpkin + a cup of water + bake in the oven = absolutely delicious! You could do an easy milk + powdered sugar glaze too.

erin said...

totally going to second your own frosting. i do powdered sugar + milk glaze and it's so easy. and delicious! i also add a little almond extract into it and some corn syrup to give it a shiny look. good luck!

Judith said...

Yay for baking! Fall is here--it's primo time to play 'Suzie Home-maker'....have fun!

kim said...

except I am not suzy home-maker. at all. in any way. as we speak i am putting the dough in the oven. this should be good.

barb- i had three people send me that cake recipe today! you are all onto something~