Wednesday, October 22, 2008

for the record

Tonight is going to be a good one.

I get to see Ben Folds in concert for the first time. I love him. No really. I'm serious.

(Love him like, 13-year-old school girl with a bad perm and braces crying and screaming "BEEENNNN!! I LOVE YOU!!! I HAVE EVERY ALBUM YOU EVER WROTE AND FORGED YOUR SIGNATURE ON THEM JUST SO I COULD FEEL LIKE I'VE MET YOUUUUUUU!!")

(Okay I never had a perm, bad or good. But it makes the story better.)

You might be wondering why, if I love this man's music so much, I have not yet attended one of his concerts in my 27 years of life. The answers always look better in a list, yes?

#1. At the height of Ben Folds' career (a la the 1990's) I was spending my money on more important things. Tickets to Ben Fold's Five back then cost like, $25.00. That equaled one amazing (and fuzzy memoried) night on Mass Street or 8 solid days of Taco Bell goodness. I had to have priorities.

#2. I don't go to concerts alone. (Mostly because there'd be no one to drive me home) Unfortunately when my Benny Boo came to town, my ex had no interest in attending, despite the fact that I dragged my ass to a Bloodhound Gang concert for him. I even bought a T-shirt. (Which quickly shrunk into oblivion. Kind of like the Bloodhound Gang.)

#3. Ben is a good guy. He understands concert money sometimes gets spent earlier than anticipated. I mean, let's be truthful. I'd blow my family's Christmas present money in a heartbeat if the right pair of boots went on sale. And Ben's really not even there you go.

(And besides, I have this fantastical fantasy in my head that tonight I'll meet him. He'll shake my hand, look at my feet and say, "I knew someday you'd come to my show. Your shoes are fabulous, so it was worth the wait.")

So that's the deal. Lack of money and emotionally unavailable ex's have prevented me from witnessing a true musician do his thing. But that ends tonight. I now have money (kinda, number 3 on the list is still in effect). Plus I have an amazing hubs who's willing to come along as I watch Ben sing the song that was played during our wedding.

(Or should I say that was supposed to play. Mr. Music Dude had one job. Play the ceremony music on the CD at the appropriate time. "The Luckiest" was to play at the Unity Candle lighting. The whole song. Not 17 seconds worth. Jackass.)

(Hubs doesn't remember, nor care about the song. I'm not positive he even knows we lit a candle of any kind.)

Below is that Unity Candle song that I'm so hoping to hear tonight.

I'll let you know if Ben dedicates any songs to my shoes.

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Anonymous said...

I've never heard of Ben Folds before -- I don't remember the song from your wedding not even the 17 seconds -- but I just listened to the song here and found it hauntily (is that a word?) beautiful! May you and Brad always feel like you are the "luckiest".

Love, Aunt Joy