Friday, October 10, 2008

friday shoes

It's finally Friday, and today is historic. Mark it on your calendar.

I am posting about a pair of flats.
I. Never. Wear. Flats.

When your hubs is 6'2", sacrifices must be made to look like you actually belong with him. Generally if I wear flats I assume people think I am a daughter.

With big boobs.

Anyways. These Tory Burch "Reva" Ballerina flats make me want to put on a matching orange tutu and run the streets singing something from a really tacky musical.

And yet I wouldn't be tacky. I would look like a beautiful Project Runway ballerina. Because the shoes are magical. And did I mention they are ORANGE.

Of course in this dream scenario where I am a musical singing, tutu wearing un-tacky chiquita, I must also add that my checkbook runneth over. Because these puppies are $195.

Hubs doesn't usually complain about my spending habits, but for this price, he might just get a little agitated (pissed off) and put me on an allowance.

Which I will ignore, because I am the boss. Unless hubs comes home.


alissa said...

Those are so cute! Love them:)
Do you seriously have a cello? Oh Kim - you have no idea how much i want to play...

kim said...

Oh yes! I have played since 4th grade. We should discuss how to get you going on it! I used to teach little kids and adults while I was in college, so I'm sure I could teach you too! Because, you know, you aren't a litle kid.

Judith said...

Did I tell you that I just got a pair of orange flats? We're totally on the same wavelength, just like in college....

rosiesmrtiepants said...

I <3 those shoes!!