Friday, October 31, 2008

friday shoes

Before I get going on the shoes, I've got to share this ridiculousness. It's Halloween and hubs just broke off one of the caps on his tooth. From chewing on a Kit Kat.

Somewhere I can hear the dentist laughing.

Anyways. Back to business.

You'd be hard pressed to find a pair of boots that I wouldn't wear. This blog proves that almost every Friday. So you shouldn't be surprised to find that this weeks Friday shoes are, of course, boots. The 'Polta' Boot by Jessica Simpson, my friends.

Okay, hold on.
When the boot is "by" Jessica Simpson, what does that mean? I mean, this blog is "by" me, right? I write it, I toil over it, I take the heat if I write something stupid or


totally inappropriate. But does Jess really sit down and design these boots while eating her tuna? Or, do hundreds of underpaid 9-year-olds figure everything out and she stamps her name on it? Seriously, this bothers me. What are the requirements for having the word "by" on a clothing, shoe, perfume line?

Just wonderin'. Oh, and don't hate on me. I totally love Jessica Simpson. I cried the day 'Newlyweds' went under.

And, for the record, I think they should have done a show about the divorce. That would have been killer. And they wouldn't have had to start "Laguna Beach" to fill in the time slot.)

You'll hear lots more about me loving Jessica when December gets here and I start listening to her Christmas album every chance I get.

Hubs loves that.


Tracy said...

I just tried these on last week! Super comfortable but I couldn't get past that they didn't have a 4" heel like all of my other JS boots do. Just can't get into the rider boots but they are cute as can be when on!

kim said...

I don't love that they have a low heel either, but I do love the buttons! Super cute!

phat bess said...

I've been on quest lately to find cute low heeled boots. Don't get me wrong I'm all about the heels for any occasion but some times in the winter a lower less spikey heel is less hazardous. :) Cute boots, love 'em!

Tracy said...

Yes, the buttons are adorable!! This is a good pick this week, bravo!

Stephanie said...

These are cute! And hubs loves Jessica Simpson's Christmas album, huh? As much as he loves (ahem...HATES) Christmas right? =)