Monday, October 27, 2008

hangin' with mr. hangover

I drank too much on Saturday night. Or... maybe I drank just the right amount but my age had too many numbers in it on Saturday night.


I don't get it. In college, I used to go out with my girls on Thursday, Friday and Saturday night, drink endless beers/vodka tonics/cosmos (paid for by nerdy guys we thanked then ignored) and still function well enough to work a part time job and think about going to class.

(Notice I said "think". Not necessarily attend.)

Point is, when did having only four or five drinks on a Saturday night suddenly render me incapable of getting off the couch on Sunday? Hubs and I spent practically ALL of yesterday having conversations like this:

Hubs: Ughhhh...ohhhh...ahhhh...uggghhhh!

Me: (irritated) What?

Hubs: My head hurts.

Me: (trying to sound tough and choking back nausea.) I'll get you Tylenol. I'm not feeling too bad.

Hubs: No, no. I'll get it, I just need a minute.

Me: (Thanking God I don't have to move.) Oh, okay. Let me know if I should get it.

Silence for three minutes.


Me: (through gritted teeth) What?

Hubs: My head hurts.

Me: I. Will. Get. You. Tylenol.

Hubs: No, no. It's okay, I just need to sleep.

Me: (rubbing head and wondering why room is still spinning) Okay, I'm going to go downstairs and watch some TV. I can't sleep anymore.

Hubs: (gaily leaping out of bed) Oooh, the Jets are playing Chiefs today! I'll be down in just a second.

(Okay, admittedly I'm taking (huge) creative liberties here. But for real, football really does fix everything if you're a dude.)

So anyways, yesterday was pretty much a lost cause for both me and hubs. And that's okay. Our weekends are generally so jam packed with grown up adult stuff, it was a nice change to be selfish and spend our weekend doing things we regretted the next day.

(Although I do not regret the $23.00 I raked in at the casino. Miss Moneybags, baby.)

And I learned some new things this weekend.

....Craps doesn't make sense. Even if you stand and watch it for 20 minutes and have someone explain it to you.

....Slot machines are the adult equivalent of a Baby Einstein Adventure Gym. Bells, whistles, lights, sounds. It's all very, very good.

....If the words "don't drink anymore" creep through your head at any point during the night, listen carefully. And obey.


Liam Deantoni said...

Kim, you should try Zaca. It's a new hangover patch, and it works reallllly good. Saved me a couple of times :)

Zaca Hangover Patch said...

Oh by the way, here is the website for zaca.

Jamie said...

You are spot on about slot machines!

kim said...


Thanks! I'm telling you, I can't walk away from those flashing lights and fun noises! And the money that comes out...