Monday, October 20, 2008

who do you love?

Have you ever hated someone? I mean like grit-your-teeth-bite-your-lip-resist-the-urge-to-throw-them-against-the-wall-and-really-hurt them hate someone?

(The answer is yes. We keep it real here, kids.)

We're built to experience a plethora of emotions. Love just as much as hate, right? Obviously we can't love everyone. (There can only be one
Tammy Faye Bakker.) In this life, there are those people who naturally just grate on our nerves from time to time. And that's okay.

(Sometimes it may even be your hubs. Ahem.)

But then there are also those individuals that go beyond annoyance or even simple dislike. These people make us shiver with hostility. Quiver with loathing. They inspire us to spit out words that our innocent little mouths would never dream of saying. And it's generally because they totally deserve it.

(You know you feel this way about someone. Don't be passing judgement on me.)

The great thing is, people we truly despise can generally be avoided. We know where they are, we know where they hang out. For the most part, we can always count on our super sleuth abilities to avoid a nasty confrontation.

(You surely had tons of practice with this in college. Example: "Can't hit up ( fill in bar name here) on Saturday. That crazy dude I made out with on the pool table will be there for sure." Sound familiar?)


Unfortunately, despite all of our superb and expert plotting to avoid seeing whomever it may be, we simply can't avoid that pesky little thing called:


And so, there you are, on a beautiful Sunday afternoon, blissfully unaware of impending doom. And then *BAM*, you turn the corner at the effing Price Chopper and there they are. Your enemy. Face to face. You've nowhere to go but down the baking aisle.

(And let's face it, we all know I have no business in the baking section.)

So what do you do? (Obviously this happened to me, so allow me to tell you what I did. )


Absolutely nothing.

Aren't you so proud of me? Here I am, a girl with one of the worst tempers in the history of human kind, and I was head on with the person I hate most in the world.

And. Walked. Away.

Praise be to Jesus.

I don't know if it was my less than stellar reaction time, or if it was the fact that I was in a great mood from the fantastic weekend with hubs and the kiddies. But I did nothing.

(And trust me, I have been plotting my words to this person for over a year,
Charlotte style.)

Don't get me wrong, I'm still carrying plenty of misgivings around with me. (I think it' healthy.) And should I be granted another chance to be in front of this person, I might not be so silent the second time around.

Although, perhaps enough time and massively coordinated FBI-like avoidance has passed, and I can just live and let live. Maybe I have grown into a bigger person (without expanding my ass). Maybe I could be placed directly in front of this person, look them in the eye and actually wish them well before walking away with my head held high.

But I wouldn't count on it.


Anonymous said...

Kim, I know exactly what you mean!!!! I dont know if we had ever told you or not, but your brother-in-laws ex girlfriend from 4 years ago followed him on our first date!! She still has the nerve to try to call his cell phone when she gets drunk at least once a year. And yes she knows that we are married and she knows that we have a daughter together, but she still tries to contact Brent to "apologize" for something! Every time I end up answering his phone when I know its her!!!!!! I have decided that those we try to avoid are nuts!! It is not our fault and there is nothing to do (only because we try to set a good example for our kids)But good job to you for not saying something! I am very proud of you and hope that I can follow your example next time we have a "run in" with Crystal!!!!
Missie Antisdel

Bess said...

I love "The answer is yes. We keep it real here, kids."

I'm so glad to hear that you have people you don't get along with. I feel like I shouldn't have problems with people, why bother? But sometimes it's unavoidable. My reasons for this are:

1. As we get older, we know more people. The more people we know, the less likely it is we're going to like everyone.

2. As we get older, we get more set in our ways. Thus, others our age are more set in their ways as well. Once we're set, we tend to get stubborn and write people off rather than changing our stance.

3. I'm always right.

There you have it. We are good people, and nice, and lots of other people like us. I guess I just have to accept the fact that I can't like everyone and not everyone is going to like me.

And what sucks is that once I decide I don't like you, you could sneeze and I'd bitch about it for weeks. :o)

kim said...

Missie- Your hub's ex needs to let. Go. And maybe get some therapy.

Bess- You and me? We're sisters from another mother. I too, am always right. We should make a feature film about it and call it, "If You're Right, You're Not Talking To Me."

And it's okay that we're set in our ways. It took me 27 years to get this snarky and bitter. You and I will one day sit on a porch together with blue hair, and bitch about the neighbor kids and their damn rap music. Just wait and see...