Monday, October 6, 2008

iowa state weekend

Who can you always count on to make you feel warm and fuzzy before violently ripping your heart out through your ears and jumping all over it? Iowa State, my friends. Iowa freaking State.

For those of you that didn't see the game this weekend - it was a nail biter. Iowa State kicked Jayhawk butt for much of the first half. The hub and I cheered, gave high fives, and kissed at each first down. (Additionally, two horny college kids three feet away from us decided to provide our daughter's with a perverse real-time lesson in baby making throughout the entire game.) Anyways, the Cyclone's went into the locker room for halftime - and only their bodies returned for the second half. I can assume their brains were on vay-cay in the student parking lot. With less than two minutes to go, Iowa State had a fighting chance to secure a win. And blew it. Twice. Under my breath, I had to curse the Cyclone's just a little bit. Here I was, decked head to toe in Iowa State gear in support of my husband's fave team- and we lost. On the bright side, it was a beautiful Saturday and we definitely got our money's worth out of the over-priced tickets.

Here's some pics from our gorgeous weekend in Iowa.

Cyclone family

Tay, Aiden and Makayla

Me and the hub

Tay - confused about something

Baby Brei is no longer a baby!


erin said...

I'm sorry.
I seem to be confused.
Where did my Jayhawk Kim go?
The Jayhawk that went to KU with me?
The one that used to wear her cute KU gear to the football games and cheer on HER TEAM?
I'm just not sure where our friendship stands at this point.

kim said...

You'll get over it.

Matrika said...

Great work.