Thursday, October 23, 2008

it's bananas!

Leave it to my bestie to provide the blog content for the morning.

(Oh wait, first things first. Ben was totally amazing. Just as I had imagined. Though he did not dedicate any songs to my shoes. Nobody's perfect.)

So, anyways. Back to today.

This morning Erin sends me and some friends an email with no words. Just a link. From the Home Shopping Network.


I'm all for shopping (just ask hubs) so I think this is going to be a hot pair of shoes, or maybe a handbag I can't live without.

Instead I am met with this image.

Holy dildo.

Immediately the email thread blows up. There are 14 email responses to this gadget in three seconds.

I mean, really. Look at it. It would fit in better on Priscilla's web-site.

Apparently this thing, (aptly called a
Banana Bunker) helps you carry your banana around without it bruising. Or as the advertisement states, "Looking for an easier way to pack a banana on the go?"

How did that sentence get approved ? Are they that unaware of how dirty Americans' minds are?

(I swear I want to buy this thing and put it in hubs undies drawer just to see what he does.)

In all seriousness, though. Logistically, I can see that this...contraption...would work. No one wants a bruised banana. They taste weird and get too soft.

(Omg. Even when I'm trying to make this sound clean, it comes out like Jenna Jameson speak.)

So I can understand why someone would want to own one. It keeps your banana fresh and black-spot free. (There's a tag line for a Trojan commerical.) And, you know, let's say for instance you don't currently have any bananas that need sheltering. The Banana Bunker could forseeably serve a second purpose. Like, say, if you're lonely....

It's fruity double duty.

(Did I go too far?)

Really, though, with the holiday season coming up, how great would this thing be for one of those White Elephant parties? Ten bucks spent and you've got a conversation piece for the entire night.

Maybe don't buy one for grandma. Heart attacks are no laughing matter.


Stephanie said...

That's just plain crazy...or bananas! =) Thanks for the laugh of the day!

erin said...

GOD that's funny.

The Tri Runner said...
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