Tuesday, October 7, 2008

make-up thursday shoes

My two favorite words. Bo. and. Go. So grab your beau, and go...to Payless. Quickly.

I am a bona fide card carrying member of POSH (Payless Owns Shoe Heaven). Have been for years. I was rockin' Payless patent leather flats in diapers and have had a love affair with the store my whole life. As a POSH* member (and complete tightwad) I understand that Payless is a stiletto in the rough. Yes, over the last few decades Payless has cranked out some of the ugliest shoes on the planet. But so has Manahlo Blanic. And if you ever decide a pair of shoes you bought at Payless look hideous on your toes, you won't be out $495.

Today, in honor of BOGO I have selected two items from Payless that I wish to purchase. The Alice+Olivia Hudson Sweater Boot is way too cute for words. At only $48.00 for the boots, you can also purchase the perfectly precious Tweed Hat to go along with it. Let us not forget that it's BOGO, so the hat will only set you back $7.50. Armed with new shoes and hat for under $60, you can afford to go to Express and spend $23.00 on a scarf. Or... you could buy another pair of shoes.

*Interested in becoming a member of POSH? Gather all your receipts from shoe purchases over the last year. If your Payless receipts make up more than 50% of those purchases, congrats. You're one of us. Don't keep your receipts in order to ogle over how much money you've saved? Sorry, you're not frugal enough to become a member.

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