Thursday, October 16, 2008

master of the runway

Did I mention I totally love reality TV? And Bravo, which is essentially crack for reality TV watchers.

Last night was the finale of Project Runway, and my girl Leanne Marshall totally kicked ass. Her line was inspired by waves, without being totally obvious and cliche. Not an easy thing to do. And her wedding dress was a show stopper. Must. Have. It.

(I would resembl a large white Easter peep in it, but it'd still be nice to have in my closet.)

I gotta say, I'm so glad Leanne won. Kenley was for real on my last nerve with her whiny excuses. Yes, the girl has talent, but was I really the only one that wanted to yank the flower pot right out of her hair?
Newsflash Kenley: just because your models are doing it, doesn't mean you should be. It looks like your head has sprung a leak and all that's in there is foilage.


Judith said...

Kenley is beyond irritating! She has nothing but excuses and defends herself regardless of who she's talking to. So annoying! I kind of wish Korto has won, she was really talented and I thought her show flowed nicely without being quite as repetitive as Leanne's. Oh well, it was fun to watch anyway!

kim said...

I loved Korto as well. I was sad that they couldn't do a double win and rub that in Kenley's lemon-sour face.

alissa said...

Korto and Leanne were both so good - but I'm with you, Leanne was my favorite! I want some of her stuff for my closet!