Monday, October 6, 2008

no if's and's or butt's

I am a proud wife today. Hubs started his Chantix pills. For those of you unfamiliar with this word, Chantix is a prescription aid for smokers who want to kick the butt's. I'm not terribly familiar with the how's and chemical's, but Hub's doctor informed him that Chantix has a high pay-off rate for those who really want to quit.

Obviously the road ahead will be difficult. From what I've read, Chantix can make you very nauseous, cause bad dreams and it has been blamed for several suicides in the United States. Hopefully I will notice if Hubs starts covertly tying nooses or carrying around razor blades in his pockets and we won't have that problem. All in all, Chantix is a means to an end. Nicotine is more addictive than heroin and most people wanting to quit need something more than going cold turkey. Think about one of your favorite vices: steaming hot Starbucks in the morning, a deliciously sugary soda, a juicy double cheeseburger, or even a cold beer. Now imagine you can never have it again. Because once you do, the habit starts back over again. Most people couldn't handle that kind of restriction for two weeks, let alone their entire lives. I don't envy Hubs for what he will be going through while he tries to quit, and I wish I could help make it easier.

I am so proud of Hubs for taking this step in his life, and I also know there is a chance he will fail. I believe he can do it and I know he feels the same way. I won't be giving constant up-dates on the quitting smoking status because it isn't my story to tell, and I would never dream of putting Hubs on display like that. The important thing is, he's going to give it a go and I know we'll all be rooting for him. Please send your good thoughts, prayers, positive voo doo spells or whatever you've got Hubs' way. He will need the support and I know we can all give it to him.


Tracy said...

Yay! How exciting! I managed to kick the habit about six months ago. I wish Brad all the best on this journey and I'm certain he will find success!

erin said...

awesome, awesome news. way to go the healthy route and i hope it goes well! good luck brad!

Anonymous said...

Good for Bradley! I know he can do it, too.
I tried the drug for one month and even though I decided it was not the time for me to quit, the drug was working! The act of smoking was not as pleasurable and even when I lit up I would take a puff and put it out right away.
Like the doc said, You gotta wanna quit!
My bottom line: I quit cold turkey on my own 3 months later. That was 18 months ago after smoking for 43 years.
If Aunt Joy can do can Brad! love & hugs, Joy

kim said...

Brad is so lucky to have friends and family that will support him. You are all an inspiration for him!!

Anonymous said...

Hey if he needs extra help, he can always pretend that hes prego and doesnt have a choice!!! That worked when I was pregnant with Brei! But now I smoke again so maybe that is not the way to go!!!!!Missie