Thursday, October 16, 2008

run from the (high)light!

I love hair. And hair products. And hair styles.

What can I say, I'm a girl. Hair love come with the territory.

Throughout junior high and high school, my tresses were every different color of the rainbow. Blonde, red, brown, green (when I went from blonde to brown too quickly) and black. I've had short hair, long hair, unintentional mullets and split ends that rival Medusa.

In college, I'd love to say I calmed down.

(Unfortunatley, I hate lying in print. It's too easy to fact check.)

No, in college my two roommates Robin and Erin joined me in the evilness of damaging our locks. Together with our best friend L'oreal, we secured the inevitable - our hair will have completely fallen out by 2018. (It probably didn't help matters that we were buzzed on Natty Light while participating in these hair dye/ratting/curling/straightening sessions. Class all the way.)

That time in my life I often refer to as the Tress Stress Era.

But now, I'm grown up and mature and all that (stop laughing). I have finally become comfortable in my own, natural skin. But not my own, natural hair color. I've been blonde for 2 years now, courtesy of that magical blue stuff my stylist mixes in her little tub. I love being blonde. I was blonde at my wedding, blonde when I got my job, and blonde when I met hubs.


No I wasn't. I was a brunette.


Perhaps that explains why hubs mentioned last night that he was looking through our engagement pictures at work and was totally digging my brown hair.

Of course, he assured me that he loves my hair just as it is right now. (A lie always precedes a truth, no? Maybe that's just me.) However, if I felt like maaaaaybe trying out brunette again, now would be a great time to do it since, after all, autumn is in full swing.

(Ps- how clever is hubs in bringing up that dark hair is sooo fall? He is feeding on my fashion muscle, which is, natch, the weakest one I have. Unless you count my abs. Whatev.)

As usual, hubs is right. (Although I would never tell him that. Always keep 'em guessing, ladies.)

And so, I have decided to part with my Heidi Klum hair and go back to something a bit darker. (Not like SJP did on SATC though. I'm not all about trying to bury my identity and look creepy/sleepy.)

Of course I will post photos...if I'm happy with the result. Otherwise, I'm perfectly willing to going back to my blonde the very next day, regardless of how much it will damage the hair.

Guess my college days aren't gone after all.

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rosiesmrtiepants said...

Ahh yes, Kim's ever-changing hair color. I've only been brave enough to vary different shades of blonde, and my one attempt to go brunette immediately turned my hair a purplish-pink color. And a lot of people thought I did that on purpose. Right.