Thursday, October 9, 2008

shot in the dark (even though it was daylight)

So this happened last night....

...and OH YEAH, I was there for it.

So here's what happened:

Myself and two clients are scheduled to attend a work-related function event at 5:30 last night. We drive around, wait in lines that lead to nowhere and generally coming to our wits end and give up. We are hungry and need food.

Nearby is a restaurant that serves amazing chips and salsa (of which I am obsessed), and we head over. We select a table on the patio and order drinks. Duh. Then we hear a bang. A big one. A screech of tires and a few screams pierce the early evening air. Everyone in the restaurant runs over to the patio fence, proving that residents in KC are not afraid of rubber necking, even at dinner.

My friends and I stay at the table and continue drinking. It's an accident, they happen. We don't need to leave our chips and salsa.

Then we hear this:


The voice sounds not too far away.

And then gets closer.

And closer.

And then he is there. On the patio. One of the guys from the crash. I don't know how to tell height, but he is near in size to the hubs, making him approximately 6'2". Large black guy...covered in blood. His left eye is either missing or so covered in blood that it is unrecognizable. There is blood spurting out of his neck.

(Like on Monty Python when that dude's leg gets cut off. Except this is not a movie. Clearly.)

I turn my head and resist urge to lose my salsa. My friend stare, unsure what to do. Is he going to try and touch us in his need for help? Is he going to die right here?

Luckily for dude with hole in neck, there is a group of medical peeps in scrubs enjoying happy hour at a nearby table. They rush to dude and beg him to please lay down. One scrub actually touches the guy without gloves on. Ew.

(I am glad he did, he was helping the guy out, but just never know these days)

Dude refuses to stay down. Keeps spurting something about he's going to die and he has to get out of here. Now. Strange reaction for someone who was in a car accident. Usually they stay in the car.

I am now comfortable sneaking a peek considering this bloody man is only 10' away from us. The bleeding has been temporarily stopped with 69,486,396 napkins.

We hear sirens.

The po-po shows up first, and truth be told? They were kinda rude. Told dude not to get up and keep his ass down. Nice. Me and the gals wonder why they're so hostile.

Emergency crew shows up, the patio is asked to adjourn to the restaurant inside. Me and the girls are smart. We run to the front of the restaurant where there are giant garage doors open to let the air in. We can see the street and are right in front of the car dude man was driving.

The stories begin to swirl and we eventually learn what happened from Girl In Scrubs #2.

Hole in neck guy was involved in a "rolling gun battle" about a block down from the restaurant. He was hit in the neck but continued to try and drive away. He ran a red light and hit an innocent woman in a (really ugly) van on her way to the Tina Turner concert.

(I'm your priiiii-vate dahn-cer! Sorry, I'm done.)

Woman in van is fine, just pissed she's going to be late to see Tina.

The crash does significant damage to dude's car and he gets out and runs, fearing the gunman is still on the hunt. The gunman was not found.

Gals and I stayed long enough for the CSI dudes to arrive. We were totally disappointed, they didn't really do anything. I was expecting to hear David Caruso screaming:

"I've GOT IT! I know how it was done! Get me the lab on the phone, I need these samples run IMMEDIATELY!!!"

No such luck. It was pretty uneventful.

I did manage to take some photos with my phone. No, not of the man. I thought people might look down on me for going all paparazzi at a live crime scene.

The photos are on my phone and need to be uploaded. Stay tuned and I'll put them up.

So, that was last night. Eventful, exciting and a little scary. Good way to end Wednesday night.


Rose said...

How cool is that?? In a gross, "oh I'm so sad for the Tina Turner concert-goer" type of way. This blog is definitely going on my roll!! Good to see you are writing!

Rose Leising

Judith said...

I know I've said this a million times before, but here we go again: People make me sick.
1. What on earth could possess people to get into a gun fight a) at all b) in a car c) while driving d) down a busy street?
2. Why is this dude not listening to the medics or the police when he's asking for help to keep him from dying?
3. What happens to the lady with the smashed car and (probably overpriced) tickets to a concert she might now miss because of someone else's mistakes?
4. Why can they never a) identify a shooter b) who's being 'protected' by other people who might get shot c) or find the dude?
Shall I continue? I should probably get back to work. Shit like this really irks me! I'm glad nothing happened to you guys....people are so screwed up!

kim said...

Thanks ladies! Rose, I'm putting you on my roll, too! Glad we got to catch up via the internet. Now maybe one day we can get together and discuss Mrs. King's chemistry class...

Judy-I am hiring you to be my personal commentator. You are awesome.

Erin A. said...

Yikes! I'm glad you are ok.

Jen S. said...

you need to move to Alma.

kim said...

I totally would...I love Alma. Mainly for the cheese. I'll have to see if I can talk hubs into that one.

BJMAR13 said...

Hey now Kimmy, cops aren't there to be friends. And remember, they just ran up to a guy in a gun battle so the first thought they have is

"This guy could be armed and willing to kill me"

So complete control of the situation is paramount.

kim said...

Sorry, BJ, I didn't explain myself very well. I'm not mad at the cops that were mean to him. At the time they were being rude, we had no idea a gun had been involved. So we though they were being mean for no reason. After we found out guns were involved, we totally understood the po-po's attitude!