Tuesday, October 14, 2008

you gotta have friends, version 1.0

I just realized something. Approximately 40% of the people I talk to on a regular basis are:

a) living in a different city

b) friends that I haven't seen in 5-10 years

c) colleagues that I see for minutes at a time when I'm pimping my carpet line

d) are on Bravo and don't know me. I just speak to them while watching their shows.
(example: "NO,
Rachel Zoe! Don't put up with Taylor's attitude! Fire her!")

Is this a bad thing? I say no. I love keeping up with people I knew in high school, college, and kindergarten. I totally love visiting my clients at their offices or taking them to lunch. And my friends who live far away always give me something to look forward to. (Road trips and vay-cay, here I come!!)

(As for Bravo people, I'll just continue with the relationship role I already have. Psycho at-home reality TV watcher that helps boosts ratings. I know my place.)

People we don't see constantly often know the most about us. We share stories via emails, blogs and phone calls and those are the avenues in which I think we are most honest. So allow me to share a few of my best e-mail/blog/phone/clients/friends that I love so very, very much.

Erin: You hear me talk about her all the time. Besties since kin-de-garden, she was the first friend to sleep over at my house. I stole her Care Bear pillow in my sleep and we've been attached ever since. With Erin I have:

  • broken her wrist while roller skating (if I was going down, someone was going down with me)
  • eaten copious amounts of chicken tenders and macaroni and cheese as a post-hangover cure (doesn't work. Taco Bell is the answer)
  • gone through some really questionable dark lipstick phases
  • survived the 80's with minimal pictures of neon clothing as proof
  • participated in several late night Richard Simmon's workouts
  • gotten blitzed on Captain Morgan and Pepsi as KU dorm mates
  • stood by her side as she married her high school sweetheart
  • watched as she became the cutest pregnant chick in the world, all while being my matron of honor
  • said good-bye as she moved with her hubs and baby girl to Dallas
Erin has a cute as pink punch blog where you can witness her many Dallas experiences. We talk all the time and plan to one day open an event planning company in which we get to party all the time. And buy Prada with the profits.

Judy: Everyone else calls her Judith, but I refuse. I met Judy as a sophomore at KU. She sat next to me on the first day of Design 101. She had all her school supplies. I was missing a ruler, paper, pencils, T-square, eraser, book, markers and syllabus. She lent me all of them and wondered how this person managed to get accepted to college.

Through the last 6 or 7 years, Judy has become the ying to my yang. I make a mess, she helps clean it up (with notes on how to prevent it next time). She wants to proceed cautiously, I tell her to down a shot of vodka and go for it (whatever "it" may be) with reckless abandon. We are the quintessential opposites that attract. And we shop constantly. Unlike everyone else on this list, Judy lives here in KC, so I see her all the time. Which is bad for my bank account.

Judy has a hubs, two dogs and a cat and is one of the smartest and most creative chicks I know. She can whip up a new pair of shorts out of a trash bag in like, 2 minutes. She's a fashion McGyver. And she gives fab advice, even when I don't want to hear it. We plan to someday start a realistic greeting card company (with genres like "So Sorry to Hear Your BC Failed and You're Preggers", or "I Really Hate You as a Boss but I Feel Obligated to Give You a Birthday Card"). We always keep it real.

Judy has a blog, but it's a journal of her life and only I am cool enough to read it.

Alissa: Alissa is one of my afore mentioned clients, but she is also a friend to both me and hubs. She participated in college with hubs and therefore probably knows things I never want to hear. Alissa is an interior designer and is super chic/elegant. She knows a lot about everything. As a fab designer with impeccable taste and a hankering for all things design (and wedding), she of course has a blog.

Someday when I open my "Event Business" with Erin and my "Realistic Card" business with Judy, we will be hiring Alissa as creative director.

Jen: Jen is my (not much older) cousin, and in keeping with everyone else on this list, is super fab. I've obviously known her all my life, and yet never really get to know her until the invention of the internet. Her blog about family, photography ventures and card design has taught me loads about her, and made me a cute little cyber friend/relative all at the same time. In addition, Jen has about 39483094 friends with blogs (all listed on her site) and they're all super presh and creative. So check them out, too.

PS- I am insanely jealous of Jen. She runs marathons. Like they are a walk in the park. I attempt to run two miles and am begging for the sweet Lord to take me home. Perhaps that is why my jeans don't fit like they used to. Jen could wear a flour sack and look hot.

Rose: You know that friend in high school that kept you in stitches during the most boring class on earth? That was Rose for me. We survived Mrs. King's chemistry class together in our junior year of high school. I don't remember much educationally from the class, but I do remember dating one hell of a jerk (again, we'll cover that another day) at the time. I'm fairly certain I made Rose endure a lot of tales about how much I loved him and how sexxy it was that he was in the Marines. Oy. Thankfully, Rose made it through that class and the horrible stories I subjected her to, and now has a man of her own to brag about. And of course, she has a blog about her day to day life.

So there you go, peeps. A handful of blogs that I follow from people that I've grown to love love love. If you look at my blog roll, you'll see there are several other bloggers there (and I love them, too) so they will be addressed in "you gotta have friends, version 2.0"

Happy reading...I'm off to watch Bravo.


alissa said...

You're too sweet! I accept as creative director:) This is a fun post - i have to check out these other blogs...

erin said...

i feel so honored. truly! loves loves and can't wait to see you and the hubs in just a few weekies!

Judith said...

You just brought a tear to my eye, Kimmy! No, really, I'm sniffling right now. It's quite pathetic actually. I think this just proves how off my rocker I am right now. I believe that calls for some chips y salsa asap....oh wait, didn't we just do that yesterday? Right, we only need about one day buffer between mexi-outings, don't we! Love ya!

kim said...

Alissa: Can't wait for you to start! I should probably get a business plan first.


Judes: Stop sniffling...we have chips and salsa to eat. I don't want your snot in the bowl!

rosiesmrtiepants said...

Ahhh yes...Chemistry. And your sexy hot Marine. I remember more about that than the Chemistry, perhaps why I felt so lost in chemistry in college. Ahh well. I am very honored to be in friends, version 1.0!