Thursday, November 6, 2008

putting the sleigh before the reindeer

I'm aaalll about doing things in advance. It makes me feel ahead of the game.

(And most of the time since I don't even understand the game, any advantage I can get, I take.)

Like buying presents four months before peoples' birthdays, or filling out my work vacation request three months before it's due.

(Or spending my paycheck before it arrives in my bank account. What?)

Being the early bird is almost always something to shoot for. As a person who takes care of things early, you're considered organized, informed and responsible.

There are exceptions.

I got in my car this morning, turned on the radio and heard...


What. In. The. World.

According to my last calculation, it is November effing 6th. It has only been SIX days since I witnessed children walking up an down the street in skeleton costumes and ax-murderer masks. What are we doing celebrating baby Jesus this early?? I still have bags of 3 Musketeers and Twix sitting in my kitchen. PLUS I have not even begun choosing which expandable pants I will be wearing on Thanksgiving.

And the radio is playing carols like "It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas."

No it isn't. It's beginning to look a lot like lunatics are running the air waves.

(Yes, I am silently thrilled about it. I mean, really. Josh Groban belting out "O Holy Night"?? Total sexiness. But that isn't the point right now.)

I'm not ready yet. I'm really not. There is a time and a place for being ahead of the game, but this is beyond ridiculum.

(Sometimes I make up words when I'm excited.)

We've just come off one of the biggest elections in US history. Could we maybe have a few days to decompress before we start in with


Just let me catch my breath and get back to zero. (Like my bank account.) There will be plenty of time for 24-hour Christmas celebrations in a few weeks.

Along with complete, total and over-the-top Josh Groban worship.

PS: (*So now that I'm officially out of the Christmas closet about loving Josh Groban (seriously, he's beautiful), do you have any secret guilty pleasures for the holidays? Leave a comment and share it with the world. It's liberating. If you're too embossed, email them to me at kim.antisdel {at} gmail {dot} com.

Still shy? I'll let you in on another one of mine....Celine Dion sings some kick ass holiday tunes.)


Tracy said...

Um Hello?? Santa Baby!! Can we say how much we love that? And basically the only CD I listen to all season (year) Mariah Carey's Christmas album!!!

Judith said...

Join the embarassing-holiday-habits club, you say? Sure, why the heck not is my response!

You may already know this, but I'm a big Tony Bennett fan. (When he was in town years back, I swear to you I was by far the youngest person in the crowd....) So, naturally, I adore a good ol' swingin' christmas tune belted out by my friend (haha, I wish!) Tony. I own three Tony Bennet Christmas albums thus far, having purchased the most recent one back in October, just days after it was released. Yes, I know when his albums come out. It's sad, but I mussn't deny it any longer!

alissa said...

I second Maria Carey! John Denver comes in at a close second.

kim said...

Santa Baby! Love love love. I need to get that on my ipod.

John Denver (and also Karen Carpenter)...brilliance.

Tony Bennett is totally sexxy...for how old he is. He is certainly the ladies man.

Mariah Carey- All I Want For Christmas.... is YOOOUUUUUUU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Before I lost my knees, I put up 7 themed trees for Xmas.....and that meant starting early. I tried to always have my biggest "main" tree up by Halloween and would light it in the big front window for the kids.
One year a little boy asked me if I was Jewish? Guess he had heard that they celebrated xmas a little different!! I laughed so hard!

Aunt Joy

Adriana said...

I love Christmas music and have over 20 CD's. I love the Whitney Houston's newest...the girl has soul. My tree goes up on my birthday (Nov 25 so pretty close to Turkey day) because the only way I can get my husband to join me in all of our crazy tree/house decorating festivities is to use it as a bday present.

kim said...

Joy- SEVEN trees?? Wow, you ARE in the spirit. I'm jealous!

Adriana- I wish my birthday was around Christmas so I could guilt hub's into letting me put up tons of Christmas stuff! That would be sweet!

erin said...

you should have posted the pic i have on facebook. it would have completed your blog post!

i believe my fave christmas cds, would be:
beach boys
the chipmunks
cabbage patch christmas

little miss optimist said...

Lol, you are hilarious! I love your blog.