Friday, November 21, 2008

shameful, just shameful

I'm sure some of you are hoping for a movie review from my midnight viewing of "Twilight."

(As if I am important enough to deserve that kind of attention.)

You aren't going to get it.

Long story short, I was too tired.

(Let the old lady jabs begin. I'm ready for it.)

As I told you yesterday, I was out of town for work Wednesday and Thursday this week.

(I know, two whole days of work! However did I survive?)

Two days away from home may not sound too shabby if you're, say, sitting in a cushy conference room all day talking about TPS reports and adjourning to a lush hotel bed at night.

That was not my trip.

Driving back and forth all across an unfamiliar town and putting on my "God, I Am SO Happy To Be Here" face all day really takes it out of me.

Not to mention dragging 200 pounds of samples up and down 3 flights of stairs every half hour.

(Yes, I am exaggerating. But I want you to feel sorry for me, so there.)

Anyways. Last night at 8:00 pm after a three hour gab fest at a local restaurant with clients, I began the journey back home.

Despite my 40 oz bucket of fountain soda and Hub's gangsta rap CD (blaring at volume level 65), I still found myself yanking tufts of my hair out in an effort to prevent my vehicle from driving off the road and killing innocent deer, possum and raccoons. After 2.5 hours of toll ways, rest stops and pep talks, I pulled onto my street and seriously contemplated kissing the driveway.

I walked into the house, smelled fresh Febreeze (Hub's cleaned in my absence. Love him.) and instantly knew a trip to a movie theatre was not in my future.

I know. I'm a wimp.

Newsflash: "Twilight" isn't going anywhere. It will still be there tomorrow, and Edward will still be lovely.

(Besides, after I drive for long periods of time, I get super duper cranky. Attending a movie with hundreds of 17-year-olds within my immediate striking distance would have been a very bad idea. In fact, my absence probably kept a few squeaky sophomores from experiencing an ice cold Diet Pepsi dumped over their heads.)

(See? I'm thinking of other people. Always.)

I'm not terribly upset I missed the premiere. Yes, it would have been great fun (and awesome people watching), but waiting a few days for Edward isn't going to kill me.

After all, he waited over 100 years for Bella. And it was worth his wait.

I'm sure the movie will be, too.


Any of you see it? Was it amazing and beautiful and everything you imagined in your mind? Tell me, tell me, tell me!


Kara said...

hey kimmy - I didn't catch it, but by BFF's said it totally was the best thing ever. These are the same girls that got me hooked on the book - I'll take their word for it and go by myself later this week...

kim said...

Just saw it on Saturday. You must go. So delicious.