Tuesday, November 25, 2008

tag, you're it

My fab friend Alissa (with whom I will be doing something super exciting with in just a few weeks; stay tuned.) has tagged me. Wheee! Another reason to talk about myself! This tag requires me to tell you 6 random, boring, yet quirky things about myself. I've totally done this before on my own accord, but I'll do it again.

(Because really, there are way more than 6 quirky things about me. I mean, I could go all day if I really wanted to.)

Off we go:

1. I am horrible with remembering names. I will know someone's face even if I only saw them over eggplant's at the grocery store, but it takes me three or four times to remember a name. Not good considering my profession requires me to meet about 15 new people per week.

2. I have an inner need/desire to be liked by everyone. Seriously, everyone. If I get the impression that I am not liked, obsession for a valid reason will begin.

(Usually I chalk it up to, "the other person sucks." Because Hubs tells me to.)

3. I once asked my 5th grade boyfriend (via a note, of course) if he thought I was a good writer. He said yes, and added at the bottom of the note "I think we should break up."

(Perhaps why my writing career has never fully developed??)

4. I make a really awesome knock-off version of Chipotle's Veggy Burrito Bowl. Hubs wanted seconds. Rah rahhh!!!

5. I'm left-handed, but kick with my right foot. And I put my pants on with my right leg first.

6. I could spend all day in the pen section of Office Depot. Black ink? Purple gel? Uni-ball? Ball-point? Fountain? I especially love when the store leaves a little pad of paper to test out the pens.

(Apparently if you write your name to test it, you're self-centered.)

(I'm totally busted.)


I'm tagging everyone. If the mood hits you, do it!


Leah said...

I was tagged to do this same blog. I love your pen obsession. I have a similar obsession with greeting cards!


alissa said...

ooo i love chipolte veggie burrito bowl. you should really share that recipe. and give me cello lessons. and write a blog with me. welcome to friendship with alissa, i'm a pain in the ass:)

Courtney said...

I am pretty good with names, but I always remember faces even more! And I am so with you on number 2. Seriously.

#3- hilarious.

Veggie Burrito Bowl from Chipotle? My fav.

I have never before considered what leg I put first in a pant, and when I read this I was trying to imagine myself getting dressed.

Oh, and pens? Totally love.