Friday, November 14, 2008

Take me out, Coach.

My dear readers, I have been called out. On my blog.

(I'm going to make up a term and say I've been "Blouted.")

My whole life I have soooo been that girl that knows all the songs, who sang them and when they were recorded. If a friend couldn't put their finger on who sang that one song where they talk about dogs and sunny afternoons, I could help them out. No problem-o.

(Hubs will tell you he's better at this than me. He is wrong. In my blog, I always win.)

But peeps - I made a boo-boo yesterday.

I said CCR sang "Centerfield." And I. Was. Wrong.


(That's what I get for trying to be clever and work the name Coach into my new handbag post. Dammit.)

One of my high school friends (who I didn't even know read this blog until today) correctly pointed out that John Fogerty sang the song on his own, not with his band CCR.

Yes, technically a member of CCR sang it, but it was still an error. Just like it would be wrong if I said Destiny's Child sang "If I Were a Boy."

(Wow. I pretty much just admitted I listen to that song. There goes my cover.)

So, today proves that without a doubt, I am still a little Danielson. I have much to learn from you readers. You are my Mr. Miyagi.

Wax on.....wax off.....wax onnnn.....wax offff......


Don't ever be afraid to Blout me on a fact that I get wrong! This will not be the last time it happens. Trust me.

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