Wednesday, December 31, 2008

another one bites the dust


Wasn't it, like, yesterday that I was (allegedly) drinking too much champagne, resolutioning off reality TV forever, and crooning Auld Lang Syne into Hubs' ear?

(And maybe nibbling on it, too. I do weird things when I've been drinking.)

Seriously, though, that expression about time flying while having fun? Complete malarkey. Time bolts out the window whether you're having fun, bawling your brains out or eating mass amounts of Bon Bon's on the couch for six hours straight.

(I'm not saying I do that. I was just using an interesting analogy. Ahem.)

Anwyays. I have also discovered that the number of days in 2008 are not at all relative to the amount of life changing moments I experienced in a year.

2008 has brought me more joy, fear, love, drama and unrelenting edge-of-my-seat thrills than I ever thought I could handle. In fact, I think I'm ready for my own reality show.

(Besides, I already imagine on a daily basis that I have cameras following me anyway. Like, sometimes when I'm in the car alone, I might just say out loud to the invisible camera in the passenger seat, "So...we're headed to the grocery store for dinner essentials. I'm feeling a little out of whack today, we'll see what happens.")


You all know I love lists, so let me give you a snapshot of what happened to me/the family over the glorious year of 2008.

2008 Year in Review

...I watched my best friend pack up and move to Dallas...eight hours away. But not so far that I can't still call her and have her ignore me. We text instead.

...Vampire's became the new Superman. Stephanie Meyer and her vivid imagination caused me to have some seriously naughty dreams about hot vampires.

...A few times I considered changing my name to Bella Cullen and straightening Hubs' hair. Just for kicks.

...I watched as Hubs summoned all his strength and officially kicked cigarettes. (He's past 10 weeks, people! You should buy him a drink. Except drinking makes him want to smoke. Maybe just buy him some ice cream.)

...I witnessed my oldest step-daughter's basketball game and cheered like a frenzied hyena as she made her very first basket.

...I said a very difficult good-bye to the woman I used to think of as a second mother.

...I celebrated the day I said "I do" to the most amazing man on the planet. (And then got a tattoo.)

...I was published in a magazine that wasn't for authors under the age of 12.

...I started my first novel, re-read the first six pages, and threw it away. (Maybe 2009 will be the year of the bestseller for me.)

...I finally learned to use my time wisel

...I started this blog and forgot how to use my time wisely.

...I locked myself out of the house. 2 times.

...I made the kick-assest "8" birthday cake in the history of kick-ass "8" birthday cakes.

...I didn't lock myself out of the car AT ALL. No, I'm serious. Not even once. There should be a parade in my honor.

...I turned 27 and managed not cry.

...I acquired, kept, then lost baby fever.

...I voted.

...I became very familiar with Southwest's flight schedule to and from Las Vegas.

...Great Wolfe Lodge became one of my top destination vacation spots.

...I fought the urge to being tight rolling my pants again. (This also happens to be my favorite blog post of 2008.)

...I gave up soda. For 4 days.

...I learned to maintain my appearance in forthcoming 2009. Hubs will call me on it if I let myself go.


There it is. It isn't perfection, it isn't Days of Our Lives...but it's mine. All mine.

I will say this for 2008. I will always remember the joy of sitting down at my computer in February to begin this blog. What started out as a way to keep family informed of goings on and important milestones has turned into a daily (okay,not always daily) journal of my life.

Through this blog, I have met new people, connected with old friends, and occasionally wondered, "Who IS this person in Chickasaw, Alabama that's on my blog eight times a day? SHOW YOURSELF!!!"

This year has blessed me in more ways than I could ever hope to count. I hope you all had a wonderful 2008, and are looking forward to 2009.

I'm off to watch reality TV. 2008's resolution didn't take. Clearly.


BJMAR13 said...

I see "Brother attains dream career" wasn't on the list!


Kidding! Have a great new year Kimpy. Much love and good wishes come your way from Erin and I.

Andy said...

That is one productive year! Man... Oh, and I found your blog through 20SB, and yes, you are funny.

erin said...

glad I could make the list! love you girl, best wishes in 2009!

little miss optimist said...

Lol, your mystery visitor from Alabama makes me laugh :).

Question-How did you finally manage to move on from your ex, after going through it for seven years? What helped you get past it?

Adriana said...

Happy New Year! I have given you an award...check out my blog to find out more.