Thursday, December 18, 2008

don we now our gay apparrel

For real.

There were many ridiculous sweaters at the party last night, but I feel quite confident in saying that mine took the cheesy taco.

Are you going to argue with me on this? The thing LIT UP. My sweater actually had a BATTERY PACK in it. What if it rained? Would I have been electrocuted?

(You too can own a battery pack lime green catastrophe for $14.99 at your local JC Penney outlet store.)

(If those things sell out tomorrow, I should make Penney's give me a portion of the proceeds for pimping it.)

If you really do love my sweater, but don't want to buy it, I am willing to rent it to you for a mere $5.00 per night. But no copying! The brilliant design and pattern are Copyrighted. So much so that the company felt it necessary to make this disclaimer on the tag.

(Because, you know, so many people are DYING to copy this pattern.)


Alissa put on a fabulous party and we had loads of fun playing games and exchanging tacky ornaments. I never knew such horrible Christmas decorations could be manufactured. It's just plain scary.

Enjoy the pics from the party. I must go. Lots of work to do today.

(Or catching up on the Real Housewives of Orange County to do. Either one.)

Playing "Pictionary Movie Phone". (I made up that name, so don't Google it. You won't get anywhere.) Such a fun game, perfect for a group of designers who should know how to draw.

Concentrating on drawing...

Alissa and a beautiful drawing of "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles"

Showing off the results of Pictionary Movie Phone.

You're probably all wondering what in the blazes of Christmas this game is that we are playing. Maybe I will get bored tonight and create a post for how to play. It is literally the funniest game on the planet.

(Contrary to the pictures, it is not necessary to have alcohol to play.)

(Although it certainly doesn't hurt.)

The tacky ornament I won in the exchange. Keep in mind I had to drive home all alone with this thing starting at me in the dark. Halfway home I tossed it in the back seat so I didn't have to look at it.


Erin A. said...

That shirt is FABULOUSLY tacky.

alissa said...

those are great photos! that doll head was soooo creepy. dont put it on your tree - i think it would eat the other ornaments when you arent looking.

Lacey in the Sky said...

Alright... the sweater was amazing(ly tacky), but that ornament is out of this world creepy. Where the heck can one find an ornament so creepy?

Judith said...

Holy god in heaven.

I'm speechless.

little miss optimist said...

Omg that sweater is too much!! I can't believe it lights up! Amazing. Lol.

BJMAR13 said...

If the doll starts saying "You're house needs more red!" Get out. Fast.

Courtney said...

Kim, your sweater does take the cake. And holy cow was that ornament creepy! I don't blame you for chucking it into the back seat!!