Friday, December 5, 2008

the power of prayer

Remember the tree I wanted but couldn't afford? Well my friends, it could be mine tonight.

Lowe's decided to put the sucker on super crazy out of this world delicious sale.

(I'd like to think it's because they read my blog and were inspired to help a sistah out. Most likely though, no one was buying the effing trees at $300 a pop.)

For whatever reason, my perfect tree is now HALF price. Only $150 for a tall, green, gloriously fake Christmas cheer foilage.

(O Christmas tree, O Chrismtas lovely is thy discount!!!)

Problem is, Hubs and I went to purchase the thing last night, only to find our tree was already gone.

(Something tells me all the assisted living homes in KC bought them out yesterday morning. It's so unfair. Half the residents can't even see home is more important!)

(I know I sound bitter, but really. Does there need to be a Christmas tree in every room at the rest homes? Aren't trees in the lobby, dining, and TV room adequate? The chapel, bathrooms and gaming areas are just fine sans tree.)

Therefore, this weekend will consist of hundreds of miles on the car as we journey to every Lowe's in the KC metro area.

But we'll have saved loads of money on the tree once we find it!

(Until I buy ornaments and lights and garland and tinsle. Shhh...don't tell Hubs. The less he knows, the better.)


Confessions of a Twenty Something Year Old said...

if stores were truly wishing us happy holidays, everything would be 50% off.

N. said...

Good luck in your search! I hope you find it. I can't wait to see pics of all the new Christmas decor!


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