Monday, December 8, 2008

reason #39 to love being married

Brutal Truth.

(Sitting at a stop-light. Saturday afternoon.)

Hubs: (Stares intently at me, glazed over look in his eyes.)

Me: (smiling and sticking neck out slightly.) What is it, babe?

Hubs: (squints heavily and leans toward me)

Me: (shocked at how Hubs is admiring me) What? What are you thinking about?

Hubs: (raises one eyebrow) It's been awhile since you've used that white upper lip cream, hasn't it? The hair on your lip sparkles in the sun.

Me: (rolling eyes) I'll get right on it.

...after one year and five months, the honeymoon's officially over.


Kyla Bea said...

LOL Wow.

Yea that's about right! I'm starting on month three and we're just about there. *wistful sigh* =)

20 yr old girl said...

hi thanks for your comment!
am checking out your blog right now.
this one already made me laugh!

Missie said...

What are the rest of the reasons you like being married?