Monday, March 31, 2008

Dusting Rags and Fabulous Bags

Here's some pics from the things that ruled the weekend. First up, Janette's dusty house followed immediately by my new D&G handbag. I know some of you think it's weird to take pictures with your handbags, but if you know anything about me it's not strange at all. My bags are like my children and I love them all.

Janette's only bathroom. It's been this way 4 weeks. Can you imagine??

And her kitchen. Needless to say she hasn't been watching the Food Channel lately. No point.

My fun new bag. Knock off, but knock down gorgeous.

Me and D&G!

I'm Taking Up Yoga

I've been whining a lot lately- but after this weekend I am convinced I have the right. Let's break it down by a timeline of frustrations:


2.30 pm- Receive van and do small victory dance that it has finally arrived, blissfully ignorant of what I'm about to find out.


5.00 pm- Drive van to Liberty en route to take daughters to dinner.

5.15 pm- Stop at car wash first to clean van so it's shiny. Discover "fixed' leak in sun roof is not so fixed.. Watch water pour in. From 6 different places.

5.18 pm - Vow to bomb Topeka Nissan dealership and put a "Kim Antisdel Will Not Be Taken Advantage Of!" flag in the ashes.

5.19 pm- Ask Brad why he's plugging his ears. I'm just venting for crying out loud. Everybody does it.

5.20 pm - Call dealer who sold us the van and scream incoherent expletives into his ear.

6.00 pm- Take the girls to dinner in the new wheels once I've calmed down. They nearly pee themselves with excitement at the new van. Drop girls off after dinner and head to Iowa.

6.10 pm- Discover loud noise coming from exhaust and/or catalytic converter.

6.12 pm- Observe people in other cars staring at me as I scream and pull my hair out. Clearly they have never seen a conniption occur before.

6.14 pm- Watch Brad quietly shake head and ponder why he married such a schizo.

Okay, you get the idea. The van is not fixed and to put salt in the proverbial open wound, there are more things wrong now than there were before. I'm prone to exaggeration (and you all love it) but this morning when we took the van to the Nissan dealership here in KC, the ticket list of things to fix was literally 3 pages long. Praise be to God though, Trent (the seller of the van) is lending us an Altima as a loaner while the van gets fixed. Maybe I'll jot down all the things I discover to be wrong with the Altima while I have it, just to further convince Trent to never do business with us Antisdel's again. :)

SO- enough about the car. Brad and I went up to Iowa to paint Janette's kitchen this weekend. Sadly, Janette's contractor is moving at the speed of an injured turtle on a Zanex/Valium cocktail. She has been forced to take a shower from a spicket in her basement for a month and there is a 1/4" of dust on every surface in her house. She is essentially living in a construction zone. The gentleman she hired for the job has severe issues with time management and Janette's catching the brunt of his brutal miscalculations. Brad had a "special talk" with him this weekend and apparently all the work should be done 2 weeks from today. I selflessly volunteered to string the contractor up by his thumbs if he misses the deadline, but was ignored and told to "just go shopping or something." Brad can be so testy...but I did get a fiercely delicious new orange hand bag and Coach wallet knock-off! (Just as a disclaimer to my husband: I still love my Coach handbag, it will always be my favorite. But I couldn't pass up a good D&G knock-off. It was made of genuine imitation leather.)

We also went to Bill's house (Brad's dad) this weekend. Nicole and Josh's house is so close to being finished they can taste it and we drove by to take a look at it. In addition, we sat around the computer and looked at possible condos or villas for our family trip to Mexico next year. Every single place we looked at was gorgeous, so we all unanimously decided that as long as margaritas are readily available, we care not what the accommodations look like.

Now it's back to work for today. Or just joyriding around in the Altima making performance notes in my car notepad. Either one...

And PS- in case you had a frustrating weekend too, watch this link. Even if you've seen it 20 times already. You'll feel better in seconds.

Friday, March 28, 2008

It's a girl!

Suzanna Gray Nissan Quest was delivered around 2.30 pm yesterday afternoon, weighing in at 3,500 pounds 2 ounces approximately. I'm such the proud new parent!

Anyway, enough of that ridiculum. Yes, I can breathe, the van is finally here and I'm so thrilled to have it. Taking Brad to and from work every day was starting to exhaust me. I had three appointments today and the Quest proved to be invaluable in those appointments. NO more stuffing 2' carpet tiles into the Scion. I have an entire third row all to myself for samples and books, and there will still be room for my clients in the second row!!! Plus I can open the back hatch and side doors at the touch of a button, making it unecessary for me to worry about closing my fingers in the door. (I swear the first time I opened the automatic door I heard a chorus of angels singing "Halleleuia")

Tonight on our way up to Iowa we will stop for dinner with the girls and take them out for a spin. I'm sure all they will care about are the DVD players, and that's to be expected. Who knows, they just may want to come up with us even though it's mommy's weekend with them. Mwuah ha ha ha ha ha hah! (I'm writhing my hands in an evil fashion.)

No pics of the new addition to the fam yet, but I'll put them up sometime next week if you really want to see. Although I'm sure the internet has pictures of Quest's in spades.

Oh yes, for those of you who have read the Hunk or Skunk blog lately, you might be confused. I have made an addendum to it. I will now use that blog to -of course- post my Hunk or Skunk articles, but the blog will now also include random ramblings about celebrity stars I deem appropriate. Hence, the Robin Williams post I did yesterday. Think of it as a without the annoying crazy man writing it....oh, and I write my own stuff rather than plagorizing every syllable.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

The Power of Positive Thinking- What a Joke!

Okay, so yesterday I was alllll positive this and happy thoughts that, and it seemed like it had all worked. The van was going to be delivered to us from Topeka and all was going to be well. Bull. The van never showed up. So, I'm back to hating the Topeka Nissan dealership with every fiber of my being. I know there's probably a completely logical explanation for why it's taking so long but no one has felt it necessary to share that information with me, so I'm again left to my imagination to dream up what's wrong.

The things that are running through my mind right's scary. I have visions of the van falling apart on the highway when I finally get to drive it. I see the wheels falling off while I'm going 65 mph. I envision the roof detaching from the frame and flying into a bus full of saintly nuns, causing irreparable damage to my chances of impressing St. Peter at the Pearly Gates. I foresee the automatic sliding doors closing too fast and cutting my fingers off at the knuckles as a result of faulty wiring. And worst of worst, I can see the steering going out while I'm nearing a bridge that's on a turn. And off I fly into oblivion, never to be heard from again. Do you see how my mind works? It's amazing I'm not one of those hermit people that won't leave the house.

On a good note, Brad and I took a client and her boyfriend out to dinner at the Bristol in the KC Live District last night. The restaurant was incredible and the food was delicious. Brad had a full lobster (eyeballs and everything) while I enjoyed some blackened chicken penne pasta. Yum. We had a little wine and a lot of laughs and conversation. I forgot how fast red wine effects me though, and by the time we got home I was a little loopy. Mama slept good last night!

I'll be sure to let you know when I hear word on the vehicle. But I wouldn't hold your breath...

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Negative Nelly?

My last post was rather negative, and I don't want negative energy following me all day long. I have enough problems just walking without falling down on a day to day basis. So here's a huge list of things I love to counteract all of my bad vibes from earlier.

I love:

  • My can of V8 first thing in the morning
  • Fresh sheets
  • A clean house ( I didn't say these were things I experience often, just that I like them)
  • My Coach Purse
  • Coming home from a long weekend to my own bed
  • Thunder, Lightning and Rain
  • Inclement weather in general (Hence why I married someone who loves the CYCLONES!)
  • Sample orders
  • E-mails
  • A compliment
  • Hearing Makayla snort when she laughs really hard
  • Taylor's "Are you freaking kidding me?" face
  • The quiet at night when the TV is turned off and it's bed time
  • Pink
  • Pictures pictures pictures pictures
  • The swings at the park (I was going to say "Swinging" but that has two meanings; one of which I want nothing to do with)
  • Cottage Cheese
  • Velveeta Cheese
  • Shredded Cheese
  • Nacho Cheese
  • My kitchen in which to cook/eat cheese
  • Guacamole
  • Pickles
  • A green light
  • Pay Day
  • The IKEA catalog!!
  • Brad's smile
  • Purell
  • The smell of my favorite cologne- bonus points if it's Brad that happens to be wearing it
  • Jacob's cuddling
  • Jacque singing "I'm Glad I'm Not a Turkey"
  • A Pepsi or Dr. Pepper from the fountain
  • A fresh new book to read
  • An old, tattered favorite book to read
  • Seeing an old couple holding hands- it will make me cry, but a good cry
  • Sad movies
  • Love songs
  • Hearing stories about the past from people close to me
  • Dancing
  • Dancing with Brad
  • Thinking about my childhood
  • Daydreaming
  • "Father of the Bride" I and II
  • "Gone With the Wind" digitally remastered
  • Looking at my wedding pictures
  • The smell of freshly cut flowers
  • Green grass
  • Spring or Fall
  • Having exact change and not dropping it in the seat cushions
  • Finding exact change in the seat cushions
  • My family
  • My friends
  • Billy Joel
  • Hair products
  • Lip Gloss
  • Nail polish in every shade of pink imaginable
  • Singing at the top of my lungs (in a car where no one can hear me)
  • Bloody Mary's
  • Karaoke (after drinking several of the afore mentioned drinks)
  • Piano bars
  • Talking to loved ones who have passed on. They always give you the answer you're looking for.
  • Really adorable stationary or Thank You cards
  • A call "just to say I love you"
  • Being a step-mom
  • Arguing for no reason
  • Exaggerating
  • Finding things I lost (this is an everyday occurence)
  • Learning new bits of information
  • Laughing so hard my stomach hurts
  • Celebrity magazines
  • Prayer
  • My Daddy and Mommy
  • You Tube ("Charlie Bit Me!")
  • My life

Note: While I was making this list, I got a call from Brad that the van will be finished at noon and they are going to deliver it to KC for us (for a small nominal fee). See what positive thinking will do for you????

Frustration is

buying a new car. I've just about had it. I have a check for a lot of money sitting on my coffee table and all I want to do is buy our car with it. And yet - I can't. Because it isn't ready yet. Last Wednesday our soon-to-be new van was taken to the Topeka Nissan dealership to get a leaky sun roof panel fixed and to be detailed. That was LAST Wednesday, people. A week ago. The new glass panel had to be ordered and the gentleman selling us the car told us it'd be ready early the next week. Call me crazy, but we're at Wednesday. That's mid-week, yes? And we still don't have the car! That would mean the earliest we'll be getting it is Thursday- that's LATE in the week.

Yesterday in my frustration and glory, I called the salesman and asked him if he'd heard anything from Nissan. He said he hadn't, but he'd call and check. We never heard back from him. So - either he never heard from Nissan or he's just being lazy and doesn't want to call and talk to me.

Most of you know it's better to call me and tell me bad news than to let me sit and think about what the news could be. I am prone to thinking the worst. At this point I'm convinced something horribly awful is wrong with the van, they're trying to fix it without us knowing and then it will break again later after the warranty's up and we'll have to pay to fix it. See? Always the worst...

Okay- I feel better now. I would just call Brad and vent to him, but I'm pretty sure he's sick of hearing my conspiracy theories. Second man on the grassy knoll and all that. Maybe I'll have some good news to report tomorrow. For now, I am just going to sit and breathe a little. Ohhhhmmmmmmmm......

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Bunny Day!

Lots of pictures for today so I'll keep the text to a minimum....I think.

Our Spring Break was stupendous with the girls. Brad and I had such a wonderful time with them here and certainly didn't want to take them home when the time came. This is the longest we've ever had them at one time and it went beautifully. Now it seems very lonely without them. We had them for Easter and that was fantastic as well! This Saturday we went to Grandma and Grandpa Arnold's house and attended an Easter Egg Hunt at the church. Then we came home to their house and dyed eggs as well! It was a very, very full day with a lot of laughs for the kids and a lot of Tylenol for the adults. And this weekend taught me many things, such as:
  • It doesn't matter if the Easter Bunny brings nice things, a 4 year old will still be scared of him and request that he not come into the house while she is sleeping.
  • There is always room for chocolate chip cookies at Grandma and Grandpa's house.
  • Easter egg dye will not come out of your clothes.
  • Easter toys have a life-cycle of about 20 minutes; if you're lucky.

Thankfully the Easter Bunny knew what was good for him on Sunday and brought the girls new earrings to wear. Though they were a bit nervous about taking the old earrings out, we managed to convince them to trust us. So, the earrings are changed, the ears aren't sore - we are in business.

Still no van. We're waiting for a leaky glass panel to be fixed and then it will be ours! I called the salesman that sold us the van today and he said he'll be calling to check on the status of the replacement panel today. He'd better hurry up, right now we only have one car!

Hope you all had a great Easter weekend and the Easter Bunny was good to you!

The Easter table for the girls. Lots of candy in the basket with earrings inside the eggs!

Makayla modeling her new basketball earrings. (This is called the spin move.)

Taylor modeling her soccer earrings. (This is the "You're taking my picture?" pose)

All the kids with Mom/Aunt Stephanie.

Proud Grandma and Grandpa with all their grandkids.

G-ma and G-pa with the girls.

Our happy family (we are all pretty tired from such a busy day!)

Aunt Kim and Uncle Brad with Jacob and Jacque.

Makayla mastering the egg balance.

Taylor and her prize from the cake walk!

Jacque eating and making a mess. Shocker.

Dying eggs!

Jake contemplating how to steal the red coloring from Taylor.

Jacque not paying attention to her egg. Once again; shocker.

Makayla meticulously applying blue dye to her egg. She's wearing Grandpa's old shirt!

Tay asking if her egg is done yet. Also rocking Grandpa's old shirt.

Plastic eggs. It couldn't be Easter without them!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

View From the Top!

Guest Authors: Makayla Antisdel and Taylor Antisdel

Here we are, on a gorgeous Thursday afternoon with our fabulous step-mom, Kim. We just found that the flowers we sent to Grandma for taking care of us this week finally made it to her and she loves them! Hopefully she will send us a picture so we can post it on this blog!

We returned from the park about ten minutes ago after accomplishing one heck of a feat: we climbed all the way to the top of the Eiffel Tower! No, not the real one, but it's sure close! Check out the pictures below...we worked so hard to get to the top. And it earned us a candy bar each!!!

Me (Makayla) posing on the teeter-totter thing-a-ma-jig.

Me (Princess Taylor) swingin' so high!

Taylor playing on the teeter-totter

Workin' on the climb to the top

Almost there! The word "heights" means nothing to me!

Are these Senior Picture moments or what?

Higher and higher...

Ta da! This thing is way higher than it looks.

No fear!

Monkey Makayla

Taylor headin' toward the clouds...

Our mission should we choose to accept it. Scale the Eiffel Tower and live to tell about it.
Mission accomplished.

Bye, Bye Camry

We sold the Camry last night! It only took Auto Trader about 48 hours to get our car sold, and we are thrilled! Only one problem. We have only uno car right now. The van is getting final touch-ups and detailing and will be ready, we hope, by Saturday afternoon. Just in time for Easter! The girls are excited to drive around and watch movies in it. Me, I'm excited to use the remote to open the back and side doors to get my carpet in and out!

We're into day 4 of spring break and so far it's been a blast! Grandma Janette just left yesterday afternoon from taking care of the girls for us during the days. They had a wonderful time with her and were so excited to get some "Grandma & Girls" time minus the annoying parents. They got some new clothes, went swimming, got expert hair cuts and drank mocha frappucinos. Today and tomorrow they'll be splitting time between Brad's office and home. I thankfully don't have too many appointments so they'll be able to be with me the majority of the time. Maybe we'll go to the park today!

Tonight we're going to take full advantage of the weather and enjoy some hamburgers off the grill and our neighbors Bryan and Kristin might even join us for our feast. Tomorrow night we're having dinner with my best friend Erin and her husband Jared. You might remember her from the wedding; she was my gorgeous preggers matron of honor. She's had her little baby since then and the girls are dying to meet baby Dakota and play with her. And cuddle with her. And sing songs to her. And help her eat. And help her drink. And tell her stories. And hold her. And kiss her. And love her....forever and ever and ever.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Troopers and Poopers

Unfortunately for Brad and myself, the Luck O' the Irish was not with us this weekend or yesterday. The peeps who were supposedly coming to look at the Camry backed out and decided not to stop by after all. Poopers. Brad's going to be making a ad sometime this week and that will hopefully spark some interest in the car, prompting a sell. On a brighter note, we are officially going to purchase the Nissan Quest in Topeka that we saw last week. After applying for the loan yesterday we will (fingers crossed) be picking up the new wheels tonight or at the latest Thursday evening.

Yesterday we braved the cold with Makayla, Taylor and Grandma Janette and went to the St. Patrick's Day parade. We were troopers. The girls made it over 1/2 of the way through the sea of green before the cold and wet got to them. I was surprised they made it that long considering absolutely no one was throwing candy in the parade. That's like going to a water-park and sitting in the 3" kiddie pool the whole time. Needless to say it was too wet to have a camera out, so no pictures this year. Sorry, blame Mother Nature for pottying on our fun day!

After the parade we ate lunch at Bob Evans and did some shopping for swimming suits at Target. Grandma bought the girls new suits and this evening they are going to go to a hotel for a swimming extravaganza. Actually, they are already at the hotel as I write this waiting for Brad and me to show up. I should probably head over and get some pictures...

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Maybe, baby

Fingers crossed- we might be selling the Camry today. A couple is coming to look at it this afternoon so Brad is outside diligently (and obsessively) cleaning it. Now that it's looking so clean and shiny, I kind of wish we could keep it.

Saturday we went to Topeka to visit my Mom and Dad and niece and nephew. We also checked out a Nissan Quest at, ironically, the same place I bought my Mazada Protege 5 a few years back. This Quest is completely loaded with DVD players, heated seats and the kitchen sink if we really want it. It's a great price and we've agreed to purchase it, pending the sale of the Camry. So now we wait for noon- and hope the Camry sells.

I'm so excited for this coming week. Makayla and Taylor are coming to stay with us for the ENTIRE week for spring break. Janette's taking off work until Wednesday to come and be our day care provider so Brad and I can still work, then Thursday and Friday we'll take the girls with us to Brad's office and maybe even let them make a few calls with me. Future carpet sales reps in the making, perhaps??

Tomorrow we are going to attend the St. Patrick's Day parade in downtown KC. I have silly hats and necklaces left over from my Pre-St. Patty's Day party for clients last week, and I'm sure the girls will be more than willing to wear the hats at the parade. I'll take lots of pictures to post up here so you all can see. It's supposed to rain but hopefully the Luck O' the Irish will keep the rain away for at least the duration of the parade.

Friday was Brad's and my eight-month wedding anniversary. Ahhhhhhh. And yes, I know that no one celebrates eight months of married bliss. Well, it just so happened that this was the first Friday in a LONG time that we didn't have to be somewhere doing something, so we took advantage and celebrated our freedom. So there. On an impulse, we booked a room at the hotel we stayed in on our wedding night. It was way more expensive and actually rather disappointing. The room was significantly smaller and the drinking water literally looked like milk. Gross. But it still enabled us to re-live the best day of our lives a mere eight months ago, so I think it was totally worth it.

I'm off to assist Brad in preparing the house for two very special little people. I'm so anticipating an entire week with them. We don't have to drop them off at anybody's house or worry about what time to take them home. The biggest concern we'll have this week is where to go for the best mac 'n cheese in town!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Self Fulfilling Prophecy?

Last night was an...adventure. Hubs came home and immediately started polishing and cleaning the Camry for his on-line ad to try and sell it. I sat outside with him in the gorgeous weather and checked out the neighbors walking their dogs. As I sat, my mind began to wanter and I made the very keen observation that every single house (save ours) on the street has a key pad garage door opener thingy. I mentioned it to Hubs.

He grunted. Don't bother a man cleaning rims.

It was then that I had this random thought: "Wouldn't it suck if we ever got locked out of our house? We'd have no way to get in." I quickly brushed it aside because honestly, why would we ever lock ourselves out of our house?

Two hours later Hubs wrapped up taking photos of the Camry for the on-line ad. I began whining like a 2-year old for food. Because it was so late by our standards (8:30), we decided on late night sustenance. Hubs and I went inside, put on some shoes and headed out the front door. As the door shut behind me, I heard Hubs say "Oh shit, my keys." Laughing, I turned around expecting to see the silly expression on his face when he's trying to trick me. It wasn't there. 

We were locked out.

You know, it truly is amazing the ridiculous things you'll do when faced with a half-crisis. Ever the brilliant problem-solver, I ran around to the garage and tried to lift it open with my amazing biceps.

Shocker, it didn't work.

Apparently the garage door people construct their product in such a way that the door won't open by simply pulling and screaming, "Sweet Jesus LET ME IN!!" 

Imagine that.

After the failed garage entry attempt, I went back to the front door and actually found myself asking Hubs to give me a credit card so I could jimmy the front door lock. Because if McGyver can do it, god dammit so can I.)Not surprisingly, I failed at this as well.

In the end, we called a neighbor friend of ours to drive us to the ATM so we could pay a locksmith to open our Camry, where the garage door opener lay laughing at us through the window. By 9.30 we were back in the house and attempting to find the humor in the situation.

We still haven't found it.

My take on all of this is that because I had the thought about locking ourselves out, I somehow willed it to happen. Like maybe a psychic ball of energy came out of my brain and created an event. I'm going to test that theory by thinking about lots of money today and purchasing a lottery ticket tonight. 

Results pending.

As for Hubs, he simply said "Well, at least this gives you material for your blog tomorrow." So true, my love. So very, very true.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

New Hunk!

Check out the latest eye-candy!


Waiting for the Warmth

For this up-coming week, Brad's going to attempt to buy tickets to the Sprint Center to watch Iowa State play in the Big 12 Championship. Don't know if he'll be able to do it, but if Iowa State basketball is involved, he'll be sure to find a way. We're also cleaning up the Camry to get it ready to sell. We spent an hour in the store yesterday purchasing wax, Armor All, rags etc. etc. to get it spotless. The best news is the weather is seeming to cooperate with us and it may just be possible to vacuum and clean the car in the warmth of the sunshine!! Wouldn't that be a fantastic change??!!

This weekend was spent up in freezing Iowa, mostly so Brad could get final pre-work done on Janette's kitchen before the contractor comes Wednesday to rip everything down. While Daddy opened the new sink, toilet, tile, and refrigerator like it was Christmas morning, Janette and I distracted the kids with crafts and their cousin Brei. Pictures below...

Makayla is a baby lover in the making; she gets it from me!

Brei, her big bro Aiden and Makayla

Taylor preparing her "Heart Card"

I drew the message, she signed her name very carefully.

Delivering the card to Grandma!

Baby Brei- The #1 cause for my baby fever!

Brei laughing at Mommy's faces...

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Viva Las Vacation!

We get to go to VEGAS!!! A second honeymoon, here we come! Last night Brad and I attended a sales pitch for a time share with Wyndham resorts in exchange for two nights and three days in Vegas. It's one of those things where you're not obligated to buy anything, but they make it hard to say no. Good thing I'm a champ at telling people no. Really, they did a good job pitching the time share. It's a great deal, but Brad and I didn't have $30,000 laying around, so it was pretty simple to say "no thanks." So, now we get to go on a vay-cay to Vegas sometime in the next few months. Nice! If anyone wants to come along with us, go right ahead. The more the merrier! (Mostly I need someone to distract Brad while I go hit the Double Double Bonus Poker machines.)

We test drove the Nissan Quest last night and I was shocked at how smooth and sound proof it was. It was hard to not just buy it immediately. But, we've decided to wait another 6 months before making any vehicle purchases. It's a lot of money and obviously we need to make sure we're comfortable with the car payment.

This weekend we're heading up to Iowa again. Brad's Mom's kitchen is going to be demo'd any day now, so Brad wants to make sure everything is a-ok for that. Poor Janette has sold all of her appliances already and is living without a stove, dishwasher and fridge! We lent her our mini-fridge that used to hold Brad's college alcohol supply. At least she can keep milk at her disposal now. And Red Bull for Brad.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Soccer Mom in Training?

The other day I had a true revelation. It's been a few months coming, but Brad's pride and joy - his Scion XB - which he lovingly lets me drive for work, is no longer going to cut it for my job. Originally we figured that the back seat would be big enough for all of my carpet and samples that I tote around every day. Now, a few months into the job, it just isn't working out. In order for me to have everything that I need with me, the entire back of the Scion needs to be utilized, and I therefore can't pick any of my clients up for lunches or meetings.

After a lengthy discussion, we're going to be on the look-out for a new vehicle. I had my heart set on the Honda Pilot, but I might have to remove my right arm and leg to arrange payment for it. No, the Pilot probably isn't going to be the car for us. Instead, we found something that may surprise you all. A van. Yes, I said it. A VAN. But not just any van. It's the Mercedes Benz of vans; the Nissan Quest. Have you guys ever seen one of these things? They look like an SUV than a van and have more bells and whistles than a choo choo. We found one at a dealership here in KC that's priced very nicely and is a 2004. As some of you may remember, I swallowed my massively huge ego about a year ago and rocked a Dodge Caravan for my job. It almsot killed me to do it, too. But, the Quest would be a totally different story. I would be happy to drive this; Brad has even said he likes it enough to drive. Now that's saying something!

Last night we had the girls for dinner and they let me pick the restaurant because it was "almost my birthday." They have officially moved to their new apartment and it sounds like their Mom will be purchasing all new furniture for them this weekend, which should be exciting for them. It sounds like they're sharing a room at the moment, but we don't know if that's permanent or not. They've already made some friends at the apartment, too! Makayla is enjoying her after-school program a lot, and Taylor has lots of friends at her new pre-school. So far, so good!

Brad continues to do better from his illness, but still gets really weak at times. We'll have the girls this weekend and for the first time don't have ANY plans. We can do whatever we want; wherever the wind takes us. My guess is the wind will be blowing straight toward McDonalds...

Monday, March 3, 2008

One Day Closer to God...

Wow, am I really 27 today? It feels like yesterday I was freaking out about 25, and now it's two years later. Brad asked me this morning if I feel older - well, actually his question was a lot more vulgar, but I've edited it for content. I guess my answer would be yes, I do feel a bit older. I think it's mainly because so much happened last year. Getting engaged and married to the most wonderful man in the world, losing my job unexpectedly and being on unemployment for a few's enough to make anyone's head spin. Most people reflect on their year on December 31st, but for me it always seems to be around birthday time. I don't think turning 27 is monumental by any means, but it still feels like it is. Honestly though, I had a long list of things I wanted to accomplish by the time I was 27 and a great deal of them I have managed to do. So, another year over, another just begun...I'm going to go eat the cake Mom and I made last night. Twinkie frosting - my favorite! Now if I could just have some Coldstone Cake Batter ice cream to go with it. Hmm, it's only 9:15 - don't think they're open quite yet.

Brad is feeling MUCH better and made it into work today. I'm so glad he's improving; there really is no worse feeling in the world than watching someone you love be in pain. Feeling powerless to help them is even worse. But, he seems to be getting better by the hour. We spent much of the weekend watching movies and laying around, mostly because he couldn't stand up for more than an hour at a time. Yesterday my Mom and Dad came to visit and took us to Olive Garden (Yum.) for a birthday lunch and I ate way too much. Probably not a good idea considering my metabolism slows down every year!

The biggest bummer of our weekend was not being able to watch Kayla's last game. We called her last night and not only did she make a basket, but she also got to dribble the ball down the court for the first time! And we missed it. We were both pretty bummed that we missed such a monumental first for her, but I guess there's always next year. So...for now we get a little bit of a break in sports, but not for long. Taylor starts soccer April 1st and it will start all over again!! The best news is, for Tay to play soccer it has to be nice outisde. That means spring is on the way! Hallelujah and Holy Moses, I can't wait!!!!

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Health and Happiness - too much to ask?

I returned safe and sound from Atlanta on Wednesday night, so happy to be home. Unfortunately, good news was not waiting for me. Brad could barely even walk, let alone pick me up at the airport. The whole car ride home he recounted for me how his high fevers and chills alone were more than he could handle. Throw in the sore throat, dizziness, congestion, sneezing, runny nose, stomach cramps, chills, and sweats and it was more than enough to send him running for the doctor. And so we went. What a waste of a $20 co-pay. The doc tested for strep and flu, and both came up negative. Turns out this little doo-dad of a sickness is a cousin of the flu, and therefore anti-biotics won't touch it. Brad's only option? Ride it out.

Unfortunately I had several appointments for Thursday and Friday so I was unable to help Brad during the day while he stayed home. When I was able to come home in-between my appointments, I would find loads of Kleenex, and sweat-soaked sheets awaiting me. Not that I'm complaining; I'd much rather clean up the sickness results than actually have the illness itself. The worst part of it all was Brad having to be home alone. There's nothing worse than being sick and lonely. I would have loved to stay home with him

Friday I was completely furious at this illness and what it was doing to Brad, so I hauled him back to the doctor. We got the same suggestion from this doctor: ride it out. Ironically, as soon as we returned from the doc, Brad took a turn for the better. Today we've stayed home (and as much as it stunk, had to miss Makayla's last basketball game) and my hubby is doing so much better. He's actually kept the fever away and can even walk up and down the stairs without passing out. I have been drinking Airborne by the gallon and over-dosing on vitamins, determined not to get this thing. I should also buy stock in Purell, considering I'm going through about two bottles a day! If my prayers are answered, Brad will be well enough to go to a birthday dinner with me on Monday...but we'll see how that goes. I don't want to push him. As of right now, I'm just thankful he didn't end up in the hospital.