Sunday, April 27, 2008

Leaving on a Jet Plane

Brad has once agian left me for Vegas. I would say it's a tragedy, but at least I get to see him for a little over 48 hours each time he comes home. The bummer of it is, this is going to go on for awhile. Next week he does the same trip, Monday through Thursday, and from then on it's every other week until ______????? Your guess is as good as mine.

The silver lining to Brad's continuous traveling is of course job security. The project he's working on is providing his firm with recognition which can lead to more projects. I know some of you have trouble with math, but this is a pretty simple equation. Stay with me. Projects = money = Brad stays employed = I can still go shopping = I'm happy = Brad's happy. See? Math isn't so tough.

All joking aside, Brad really seems to be enjoying the work even though he's putting in some severe hours and having to try and sleep with the sounds of slot machines ringing in his ears. I'm pretty sure there several people working at "The Annoying Sounds Institute" who are just laughing themselves into fits when they think of tourists trying to put head to pillow in Vegas. There's a reason the city never sleeps.

Not much new other than that. Brad got a new suit this weekend. Bow chicka bow wow. Tell me if I'm wrong but a new suit for Brad therefore constitute new outfits and sheos for me at NeoCon in June? Ohhhhhh, I think so. I'm pretty sure I just got a 20% coupon in the mail from Macy's...

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

A Day at the Lake

Pictures from our lake photo shoot. So much fun, the girls loved the outfit changes and Brad and I loved capturing them. Notice Makayla's newly absent tooth - she got some serious money from the tooth fairy for it too!

I'll probably make a "Spring '08" photo card from these pics - you just might get one in your mailbox!!

If we ever make a family music album, Brad has decided this will be the cover. Very Beatles.

Family pic- setting up the self timer on the camera was quite an adventure.

Keeping Tay warm!

Doesn't this look like a Kohl's ad?? :)

Daddy and his baby girl!

Daddy and his big girl!

Monday, April 21, 2008

All By Myself

Brad left me last night for the land of twinkling lights and Double Double Bonus Poker. And hookers. He is staying in the same hotel as our honeymoon, although instead of louging at the pool and ordering cocktails with toys floating on the top, he'll be working his little buns off at the office. He got in safely last night at around 10:30 our time and this morning was off to work on the City Center project. Unfortunately for me he won't be home until late Thursday night. Whatever will I do with myself??? For staters, last night on TV was like a gold mine for me. I watched Pretty Woman followed by The Wedding Date followed by The Wedding Planner. No way could I have pulled that off if Brad were here, so I think God was smiling on me there.

This weekend was loads of fun in the sun! LITERALLY! I actually got a little bit of a sun burn on Saturday from being outside all day long, and it was everything I thought it could be. We taught the girls Four Square, Taylor learned to skate (kind of) and Makayla finally is confident on her big girl bike she got last August. We played Yahtzee, we monkey'd arond on the jungle gym at the school nearby, and we took pictures. Lots and lots of pictures. I had outfits for the girls I found at TJ Maxx a few weeks back and it was finally nice enough to take some family photos outside in them! I'm still playing with them but all the photos should be up sometime today or tomorrow. So keep checking back...

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

I might potty my pants

because I am so excited that the weather was warm today. Though I hear the insane wind out the window knocking our patio furniture over and I don't even care. Spring is on its way and there's nothing winter can do about it! Tonight we have the girls for dinner and it sounds like we're going to try and find a basketball court to shoot hoops on. You can be sure I'll have the camera to snap some photos that will no doubt be blogged about tomorrow.

On a more bummer of a note, Janette (Brad's mom) is officially at the end of her patience rope. Let me just say for the record that a nice contractor is not always a good contractor. In Janette's case, her contractor's competence is in short supply while his supposed kindness is wilting in the wind to boot. This weekend Brad wrote said contractor a note with all of the items that needed to be repaired before further work was done on the house. Needless to say, he did the work. The quality is something quite different. Makayla could do a better job of tiling a bathroom blindfolded and loaded up on vodka shots and Ritalin. So Janette's going bonkers knowing she has to let this man into her house every day equipped with power tools and half a brain while Brad's down here in Kansas City powerless to stop the insanity. It's not a good time at the moment. My first instinct is of course to sue this contractor until he doesn't have enough money to pay for toilet paper anymore. Unfortunately, that will have to wait until the work is finished because Janette barely even has a toilet at the moment and the work has to get done. She's over budget, under stress and clean out of ideas on how to make things right. If you're in the Iowa area, you'd do well to stay away from B&B contractors. The acronym clearly stands for Bad & Badder. Or Bunghole and B*tch. Whichever you choose.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Chicago, here I come. And Vegas, here comes my husband....

So the hub gets to go to the land of our honeymoon next week! His firm has taken on a huge Vegas project (it's an extension of the project Brad was originally hired for) and it requires a few people from the firm to office out of Vegas on occasion. This Sunday Bradley gets to go! I'm so proud of him for being selected, especially since his boss has shown an enormous amount of faith in Brad over the months that he has been there. Obviously his hard work and dedication to the project has not been over-looked. Now, if I can just put a tracker on him to make sure he stays away from "special ladies" that are legal in Vegas. As if I would need to...

Today I also received an honor in the working world. Every year there's a huge design convention in Chicago called NeoCon. It's essentially a trade's fair for all things interior design. Bolyu (my company) has a booth/room there and generally the most experienced sales people get the honor of attending and showing new products to all the designers. Today I got a phone call from "the boss man" telling me he is unable to attend this year, and he'd like to send me in his place! I was, for lack of a better word, shocked. I have only been with the company since December and there is a long list of sales people that outrank me in longevity with the company. Needless to say, I am super pumped to be going. I'll be meeting designers from all over the world, and even some from here in Kansas City. Wining, dining, schmoozing and boozing will be my motto for the whole trip! Well, maybe not the boozing part, that's for the designers. I just get to pay for it all.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

STOP- in the name of the law!

My brother BJ is training to become a police officer in Junction City. A few days ago he had to undergo the joyous task of being tazed. After it was all said and done he sent the video to everyone he knew, but I'm posting it here as well. I bawled my eyes out when I saw it. True, I have seen tazings before on TV shows or when two idiot college roommates decide to zap each other for the sake of drunk entertainment, and that never fazed me. However, when it's your baby brother getting zapped with 50,000 volts of electricity all in the name of hoping to protect and serve other people, it's a lot more disturbing. I can see why he was required to experience the tazing, though. Obviously if you know how much it hurts, as an officer, you'll be sure to think twice before utiziling it in the field. Either way, you will never catch me training to become a police officer. Ever.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Night of Miracles

Parting the red sea? Raising someone from the dead? Turning water to wine? HA - mere child's play compared to the miracles that occured in our very home less than twelve hours ago!!

Three miracles occurred last night. 1) KU fought their way to become National Champions for the first time in twenty years. 2) I stayed up for the entire game and then some. 3) I'll get to that in just one minute.

Brad and I watched the game last night and I swear I watched the whole thing with my hands over my eyes. After 40 minutes of intense play, KU was down by 3- until Mario Chalmers put up a 3 pointer in the last few seconds of regulation, sending us into overtime. From there, it was smooth sailing and KU clinched the title!! I was jumping up and down screaming and Brad did display a bit of happiness, especially since it was a Big 12 team that won. I can clearly remember 5 years ago having my hopes crushed and destroyed when KU lost to Syracuse in the final big game. This was fabulous restitution for that game! ROCK CHALK JAYHAWK!

The third miracle from last night is something even more important than a basketball game. Something that brings a tear to my eye just thinking about it. For those of you who read this blog, you will understand with just a simple picture. Because of my husband's master handy-man skills, my dream has come true. See below...

I'll never be locked out again!!!!