Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I've been bad

I admit it.

I have not exactly started this new year off with a blogging bang. I (like many other blogs I follow) have had a little trouble getting motivated.

(Maybe because HBO and Cinemax are currently free on my television now. I may or may not have 16 hours worth of movies to watch.)

Mostly, I've just been enjoying Hubs being home and working on our basement. Unfortunately, Hubs was one of the hundreds of people in the city that was recently laid off. I didn't blog about it because it's honestly not something to talk about. It is what it is.

(A big pile of poo poo.)

The economy resembles the bottom of a bathroom trash can right now, and it's expected that something's gotta give. Hubs worked in a small company, and there just wasn't enough work to keep all of the staff.

(Even though Hubs was married to like, the coolest person ever. Apparently that doesn't mean you get to keep your job in tough times. Who knew?)

On the upside, Hubs is home all the time now!!

(This is both good and bad, as I mostly want to use the extra home time to lay on the couch and eat popcorn with him. Unfortunately, Hubs does not share my affinity for extreme laziness and wallowing in margarita's. He likes to actually accomplish things. Life is so unfair.)

Since there isn't a lot of hiring going on in Hubs' area of expertise at the moment, he's decided to use the extra time finish out our basement. This is a good way for him to spend his time since:

a) it keeps him busy
b) he gets all sweaty and attractive looking
c) I may get my new office sooner rather than later

The downside is, our money goes to totally uncool stuff like wood, nails and drywall instead of new shoes, necklaces and accessories.

I know what you're thinking. Why on earth would you need new shoes and accessories when your husband is out of work? How selfish can you be?

The answer is this. We are going to Mexico in less than TWO MONTHS. And I only have like, 4 swim suit options.

If both Hubs and I were employed right now, I would be splitting my time between the mall, Ebay, Sam Moon and the Victoria's Secret catalog.

Instead, I am having to go through my dresser drawers and attempt to find swimsuits from last year that don't make my ass look like an eggplant.

So, apparently I am being taught to be happy with what I already have.

(Suze Orman would be so proud.)

It's not a lesson I like learning, but if watching our pennies means we can put food on the table, take care of the girls properly and stay happy, I'm all for it.

New shoes can wait.


Leah said...

I feel your pain. Today my boss told me "As a peer and not as your boss, I think you should update your resume and get your portfolio together." IF what I think is going to happen, actually happens, I will have to rely on my mom for money...or turn to a life of stripping.

Anonymous said...

Brad will find a job that he loves in time. Last year when Brent lost his job, he was off work for 6 months, but he found a job that is the perfect fit for him. Brad will too!!!!!!!
But on a good note, we all have our passports and only a few (more like 7 but Im trying to get through the day without crying, stupid blizzard and where is my no-school day when I need it!!) weeks to go!! Bring on the warm weather and drinks!!!!