Tuesday, January 20, 2009

an homage to hubs

Today's a very special day. Yes, Obama is being inaugurated, but more importantly it's Hubs birthday!

(And that means my birthday is exactly 6 weeks away. That's neither here nor there.)

(But if you MUST know, I'd love a Kindle.)


I would give you a long list of the fabulous items I purchased for him, on this his 28th year on earth, but I can't. Unfortunately, I am plagued with "Gift Giver's" disease.

(It's real. I swear.)

In other words, I cannot keep presents a secret or hidden for longer than 15 days.

Because I will explode.

Hubs' birthday is thisclose to Christmas, so I bought all of his birthday gifts during the allegedly amazing sales during the holiday season.

When it came time to open gifts on Christmas, I simply could not keep Hubs' birthday purchases in the closet until January 20th. So Hubs got all his gifts in one day. And now I have nothing left to give him.

(I sort of feel bad, but not really. He got his presents a month early. Is there anything better?)

So, instead of a gift with a pretty bow and fun wrapping, I will instead use this blog as a technological Hallmark card to tell Hubs how much I dig him.

(Even when he's in the basement screaming at his cordless drill for not working properly.)

Hubs, I love you more than anything in this whole world. And here's why:

1. You always smell good. Either like cookie dough, or a brand new baby. Depends on the day.

2. Your morning breath is actually not stinky.

3. You drive more carefully than my own mother. But not like an old man. Maybe that's why I fall asleep so easily when you're at the wheel.

4. You put everyone else before yourself.

5. You are seriously one of those guys who doesn't know how hot you are. And that makes you even hotter.

6. You refuse to read anything for any reason, and yet you still read my blog and let me make fun of you. And you only give me a hard time about it sometimes.

7. You hold my hand in public.

8. Even when we disagree, you always end up being right, and I always learn from it.

9. You are completely non-judgemental. We could all learn from you.

10. You can tell when I'm thinking about something, and you always ask what it is.

11. You are always willing to go to The Olive Garden with me.

12. When I'm sad, you know exactly how to make me laugh.

13. You know when I say, "Don't let me eat any junk food" that eventually I'm really going to want some. And you let me eat it.

14. When I have really bad gas, you toot right along with me.

15. Two words: handy man

16. You dance better than Usher, but you're totally humble about it.

17. You love your Mommy.

18. Everyone who meets you wants to be around you.

19. You are the best cuddler on the face of the planet.

20. If your feet stink, you wash them before you sit next to me.

21. You handle my paranoia and constant mood swings with dignity and grace.

22. You are happiest when I am laughing.

23. Your daughters worship you.

24. When we're in a crowd and get separated, you wait for me.

25. You are genuinely worried about me driving in snow.

26. When we talk on the phone, you always end the conversation with, "Bye, baby."

27. Not one day passes without you saying "I love you."

28. You sing "Check On It" better than Beyonce could ever dream.

29. At restaurants, you order what you think I would want to eat, because I always end up stealing your food.

30. You always remember what I said in my sleep, and give me a play by play the next morning.

31. If I have a nightmare, you wake me up and hold me until the bad guys go away.

32. You don't Dutch Oven me in the bed, even though I do it to you all the time.

33. You know all the words to every Dave Matthews song.

34. You are decisive and sure, in every situation.

35. You will do anything to make the girls happier, healthier and better.

36. You hug like a champion.

37. Even though I make no sense at all, you totally get what I'm saying.

38. You dress like a GQ model.

39. You're the most organized person I have ever known. And yet you still love me.

40. Your side of the closet looks like it's been cleaned by a maid.

41. You do the laundry. And wash the laundry. And put the laundry away.

42. You would rather die than be late.

43. You do everything better than me.

44. Your brain is equipped with built-in GPS.

45. You pause movies to explain when I'm confused about what is going on.

46. You tickle me just because you love my laugh so much.

47. You were able to forgive me on "Awful Mean Vodka Kim" night.

48. When someone is taking our picture, you pinch my butt to make my "real smile" come out.

49. It's hard for you to sleep without me there.

50. You have changed my life for the better in every way possible.

51. You understand my love of the Internet, blogging and my Blackberry could never be as deep as my love for you.

52. You let me wear your favorite sweat pants when I'm feeling grungy.

53. You quit smoking on the first try. And you've never looked back.

54. On our wedding day, you made every dream I've ever had come true.

55. You will kiss me anywhere, anytime. I need only ask.

56. Your ever present optimism is not easily deterred by my constant pessimism.

57. You remind me of McLovin from Superbad...and it's totally hot.

58. You teach me something new every single day.

59. Every day I wake up, I love you just a little more.

60. You are my soul mate.

Happy Birthday, Hubs!


Janette said...

Wow. What a wonderful birthday present. I was moved, and I'm sure Brad was floored. Thank you for writing such a great tribute to my baby.

Anonymous said...

I knew my nephew was a great guy but it is so heartwarming to know what a good husband he is to you and how much you love him.

Hearing about you two always makes me smile. Thank you for sharing and baring to those of us that love your writings. Your writings make me love you for yourself and not just as "Brad's Wife".

Big hugs to you both,
Love, Aunt Joy

kim said...

Janette: Thanks for having such a good kid! It speaks volumes about you and Bill's parenting that he came out to be the wonderful guy that he is.

Aunt Joy: I'm glad we make you smile! And I'm glad you enjoy hearing my ramblings...that makes ME smile.