Friday, February 27, 2009

do i look poor or something?

I consider myself a relatively attractive person. And I believe I exude a certain level of confidence in myself.

In other words, people don't generally offer to put pennies in my coffee mug to help me out financially.

After my experience Thursday, I'm wondering if I should start carrying that coffee mug around.

My bestie Erin came into town yesterday with her daughter. I haven't seen them since the puking incident. Needless to say, I was pumped. Any time I get to see my best friend and gossip about people we don't talk to anymore, I get excited.

Erin was scheduled to drop by around 5.00. At 4:05, I got a phone call from a client asking me to deliver some samples to her office.

Okie dokie.

So there I was, talking to Hubs while I drove home from delivering the sample. I was on a section of the highway that really should be a 65 mph speed limit.

I saw the cop car 0.3 seconds after I realized I was definitely going a teensy bit over the speed limit.

Copper pulled me over on the side of the highway and approached my vehicle. Bad news.


Me: (quickly getting off the phone with Hubs and digging for my license in my purse) Hi there!

Cop: (straight faced and looking around the interior of my van) You were going a little fast around the corner here. It's 55 and I clocked you at 67. Can I see your driver's license?

Me: (chuckling lightly) Here ya go! Tee hee!

Cop: Be right back.

Me: Right! Okay!


So I sit there and wait. And I think to myself. "You haven't had a ticket in three years. You're in a mini-van). You look pretty decent. 12 over the speed limit isn't THAT bad. Maybe it'll just be a warning.

The Cop returned.


Cop: All right, Ms. Antisdel. (he totally mispronounced my last name, too.) Here's what I'm going to do to help you out.

Me: (inner monologue) YES! He's going to let me off! I FINALLY caught a break. THANK YOU JESUS!!! I wonder if it would be inappropriate to kiss this cop on the cheek. Maybe just a quick peck to thank him for-

Cop: I'm only going to say you were going 10 over the limit.

Me: (What? This is helping me?)

Cop: It's the smallest fine that way. (looking me over, eyebrow raised) You don't look like someone who needs a lot of hassles. Slow down from now on, we'll see you later.

Me: Ugh..but..I...


WHAT? I don't look like someone who needs hassles? What the eff does that mean?

It isn't like I cried all over myself or tried to make up a dumb excuse. I didn't have Cheerios hanging in my hair or a screaming baby in the back seat.

(Although I did have a TON of carpet samples in the back. Like, maybe he thought I was a highly fashionable homeless person and the carpet was my bed??)

Realistically, he probably saw that I wasn't a trouble maker or someone out being crazy.

(I had a Celine Dion CD in my front seat for chrissake. How dangerous could I be?)

I imagine he was just taking pity on me. But still...I DON'T LOOK LIKE SOMEONE WHO NEEDS HASSLES????

Getting pulled over is quite a hassle, wouldn't you say?

Maybe he shouldn't have given me a ticket at all. That would have been the most hassleless.


Really though, it's probably inevitable that I get a ticket every once in awhile. 90% of my job involves me driving all over creation. I'll admit that when I drive that much, I occasionally zone out and don't pay much attention to speed limits.

So sue me.

Or give me a speeding ticket.

Just don't hassle me.


Lace said...

THAT. SUCKS. I probably would have been so taken aback by the "you don't look like you need to be hassled" comment, that I would have snapped back at him! I can never seem to pull out the tears when I've been pulled over! I can cry at a peanut butter commercial, a complete strangers wedding & extreme home makeover... but NOT for a cop.

BJMAR13 said...

Kim...Let me get this straight...

You have a State Certified Police Officer as a brother who TELLS you he pulls over for 10 mph over and won't even think about letting 12 over get away from him, and you let someone catch you doing 67 IN A 55???

Ohhhh kimmy.....lecture time is coming soon.

Anonymous said...

I think what the police officer was trying to say is that he would feel like a really big ass for taking away your DL. And he saw the carpet samples and realized that you must be a rep so you dont the the hassle of loosing your DL. I also think that maybe they should offer a course in the acadamy on how to say that without acting like a total jerk and making you feel like crap!!!

Anonymous said...

Didnt mean to say the twice meant to say bad

Leah said...

This made me laugh really hard. I'm just going to assume that since the cop was a guy, he thought he was saying something nice to you, but he's probably just not a very smooth guy in real life.

BJMAR13 said...

Leah is right Kim. Believe it or not, most cops (me included) don't get jollies off of taking money from hard working people. It's just what our chief/sheriff is commanding us to do, so we set our standard.

The reason he probably said "You don't look like you need the hassle" was because he was trying to be nice, saying, "look i know you work hard, you don't need any MORE of that money going to the City, so here's the smallest fine I can give you." reminded me of something I might say to someone....

Anonymous said...

Sometimes I think they just say that so you don't flip out on them about getting the ticket in the first place...that way the get to be a "hero" instead of dealing with the usual stuff cops get...