Thursday, February 5, 2009

i care enough to send the very best

You know when you stand in the greeting card section looking for that perfect card and think, "UGH!. I could sooo write this stuff!"

Well now you can think that about MY HALLMARK CARD!!

Have I lost you? Hang on, I'll catch you up.

Yesterday I was informed that I am a finalist in a greeting card competition. But not just any greeting card company.


Oh yes, I said it. HALLMARK.

I submitted a cute picture and a fun birthday greeting in one of Hallmark's many card competitions a few weeks ago. Naturally, I assumed I would never hear anything on the subject again.

Then...a miracle.

The phone rang yesterday afternoon, and the caller ID said "Hallmark." I answered and was told that I am a finalist in the yourbloopers competition. I am one of about 60 other finalists who will have our birthday cards sold in 10,000+ stores nationwide. Whomsoevers card sells the most copies wins a grand price of $2500 bucks and has their card added to the Hallmark lines!


I think they start announcing the finalists to the public soon, so here's a link to their blog if you'd like to check in and see the other finalists. My card will be in stores in early summer.

(Do you all promise to buy my card? I need you, peeps.)

Oh, and for the record, when Hallmark called me to inform me of the fab news, the conversation definitely went something like this:

Phone rings

Me: Hello?

Hallmark: Hi Kim, it's Jane Doe with Hallmark cards, how are you?

Me: (getting a little excited) Good, how are you?

(seriously, was there a need for me to ask how this woman is doing? She works at effing HALLMARK and has my dream job. How could she not be fantastic?)

Hallmark: We're great! We're calling to let you know that you're a finalist in the Hallmark yourbloopers contest!

Me: (literally clapping my hands like a socially inept brain dead retard) Oh yaaaaay!!!

(Yes, I did it. I said "yay" to three or four Hallmark employees as they crowded around a conference call.)

Hallmark: We loved your photo and caption for the birthday card, and your card will be featured in 10,000 Hallmark stores. (continues to explain all the details of my card being a finalist in the contest.) Do you have any questions for us?

Me: (trying to think of something clever. ) This is sooooo great! So when do I find out if I won?

Hallmark: Silence.

(Probably because they are wondering what sort of an idiot they have on the phone. They just explained to me TWO seconds ago that I'm a finalist.)

Hallmark: (after a few moments) already win the prizes we explained. As a finalist. We'll be sending you a package with the details and some forms for you to sign.

Me: Um, right! Okay! This is so exciting! And I'm from Kansas City, just like Hallmark! It's a home town win!!!!

Hallmark: (internal monologue) Wow...did she just say it's a 'home town win'? Psycho.

Me: My friend Bess works there, too! You should tell her I said hello! Wheeee!

Hallmark: click.

Okay, they didn't really hang up on me, but they probably wanted to. Actually, the gals on the phone were super cool and even knew my friend Bess. I'm sure after we hung up they called her and said, "Dude. What up with your friend? She's for real off the reservation."


The whole point of all of this is that I will have my very own birthday card sold at a Hallmark store! Who doesn't wish that every day of their life? And really, even if I don't win the grand prize, I still get to go to the store and buy my OWN CARD!!

(I may or may not be peeing on the floor with excitement.)

And, I have to say, Hubs was a big help with the card's wording. I had a good idea, and he tweaked it a bit to make it even funnier. Because he's Hubs. And he's fabulous.

I'll let you know more when I find out. Stay tuned!

Author's Note: For those of you reading this for the first time, I regret to inform you that I never did see my card in print. *sniffle* Basically, some major drama went down. To read about it click here and here. If you like name calling and temper tantrums, you won't be disappointed.


alissa said...

kim how are we supposed to go buy it if we dont know what it is!?

kim said...

It won't be in print for awhile, not until like June...I'll let you know where/when and all that when it gets a little closer!

Lace said...

I want to see this picture an caption! I'm going to buy one for each member of the family & hold onto them until their birhdays come! :)

Yay!! Congrats!

Anonymous said...

A second Publish in one year!!


How fun this will be for everyone who knows you. I will wait until you tell me to hit the local Hallmark stores and buy out your cards!

So why are you so mad on Facebook tonight? Love, Aunt Joy

Steph said...

yaaaay kim!!! how cool is that?!?!? i'm stoked for you! =) congrats!

erin said...

I am so proud of my best friend! What a huge accomplishment. I am so buying like 3758395783978953.