Wednesday, February 4, 2009

if technology were a boy, i'd kiss it on the mouth, probably with tongue

This is not a letter from one of the OC Housewives. Yet.

(Mainly because last night we had dinner with our daughters and were celebrating Hubs' new job. Yip Hip Horray!)

(Although, the celebration wasn't at 100% because there's a chance the job is only temporary. But we don't know that for sure yet, so in the meantime I'm crossing my fingers, keeping a rabbit ear in my pocket, not changing my underwear and lugging around horseshoes for good luck. What? A girl's gotta support her man!)


So like I said, I didn't have time to watch the OC Housewives last night. But I DVR'd it. And it's waiting for me.

I remember as a kid setting our ancient VCR to the exact correct time, leaving the TV on the station the show was on, and then discovering I forgot to set it for standard time and recorded the 9:00 news instead of 90210. Which I technically wasn't allowed to watch anyway.


But NOW...thanks to some genius in TV land, I can tape like, eight shows at once.

(I know you all know this already, but saying it out loud just makes it that much more wonderful.)

Until recently, the only problem I had with our DVR was that you had to watch the show you recorded on the TV that did the recording. It wasn't a huge deal, but it prevented me from exercising.

I'm sorry, what?

Let me explain.

I cannot work out to music. I have never been one of those people who gets "lost in the beat" and can run for hours with just the sounds of the rhythm pumping through my ears.

(Unless I'm at a bar and have about 3 shots of tequila in me. Then I can go all night.)

The problem with exercising to music is the lack of distraction. Music only stimulates my ears, so my eyes are left to wander.

Right to the timer on my treadmill.

(I've only been running for TWO MINUTES? It feels like EIGHTY!!)

I thought I had rectified this dilemma by placing a towel over the timer, but inevitably the suspense would get to me and I would look at my time anyway.

(Kind of like unwrapping Christmas presents under the cloak of night to see what I got. If I did something like that. Which I don't.)

Then I discovered running in front of my fave shows. It all started with Top Model. If I could be distracted by Tyra's huge forehead and wanna-be models bawling in their oatmeal because they gained 1/4 pound, I could run like Forrest Gump.

And I did.

IF I was home at 7:00 each Wednesday. But what if I had an engagement that night? What if Hubs' wanted to take me to The Olive Garden? Would I skip all of that Italian dressing goodness just to stay home and work out to Tyra?

I think not.

The solution then was, of course, record my shows and run at a later time. But as afore mentioned, you must watch the show on the TV you recorded it with.

My treadmill is not in front of that particular TV. And therefore I did not work out.

But then...a few nights ago, a miracle happened.

Hubs was watching some ridiculous show about making cars run better, and a commercial came on about DVR. It talked about how a recent up-grade enabled you to watch recorded shows on any television in the house. I assumed it was a service you have to pay for

(and I am super cheap)

so I knew we would not be getting that particular perk. Hubs was thankfully not as skeptical, and checked our bedroom TV.

And lo, our recorded shows were there. In all their glory.

I almost peed my pants.

Now I can record my favorite old shows (Cosby Show, Saved By the Bell), my favorite sitcom (How I Met Your Mother), my trusty drama's (Prison Break, 24, Lie to Me) and, the holiest of reality TV: Real Housewives of Orange County/New York/Atlanta, Top Model, The City, The Bachelor, True Beauty, Design Star...the list goes on.

And I can work out to them whenever I want.

Yesterday I walked/ran for over an hour getting caught up on The Bachelor.

I even invented a fun little game while watching it.

Every time one of the girls said the date was "so amazing", I kicked up my pace a notch. Five minutes in I was running at 7.0 mph and was to forced to 86 my new game.

And so, the point to all of this is that I'll be watching the OC Housewives tonight, and depending on how inspired I am, I might just have a letter to write.


alissa said...

ok heres my beef. i too adore the dvr, it might be the best invention ever (ok probably not but its up there). My dvr judges me. I will set it to record shows and it will only record some of them. It hates The City. WILL NOT RECORD THAT SHOW. no matter what i do.
so screw you dvr, i bet you forget that mtv plays everything 67495 times and so i have yet to miss an episode. oh and theyre online. so shove off.
ps i love you dvr.

erin said...

First, let me say I LOVE THE BACHELOR. And Melissa is going to win it all. That's because she is cute and I formed a relationship with her when she was on the Making of the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders show on CMT last year. Love her.
Second, I am so proud of you for getting on the exercise kick! That's great, you are an inspiration to me to get my butt working out. I only wish I had a sweet piece of workout equipment!