Monday, February 16, 2009

kitty in kansas city

I thought Hubs and I had an understanding.

No Valentine's Day gifts.

We both recognize the silliness of the holiday and that it's just unnecessary to take one day out of the year to express our love for one another when we should be doing it every single day of our lives.

But Hubs is a smart cookie...and he knows me well. He knows I love holidays, even Valentine's Day. Because it gives me a reason to dress in special colors and buy ridiculous presents.

But this year I didn't. Because I followed the rules.

Hubs did not.

To my surprise, on Saturday Hubs gave me a Valentine's Day card from himself and the girls, a new business card holder, a desk organizer, and a Wii American Idol Karaoke game I've been wanting.

I was caught with nothing for him.

I had to think fast. He got me THREE gifts and I had nothing. My only hope was to do what I do best.


Me: (toying with the tags on my new desk organizer) Soooo....guess what?

Hubs: (eyeing me suspiciously) What?

Me: (thinking so hard my brain is swelling and putting my head in danger of exploding.) I got yyooooouuu a present, too, you know.

Hubs: you didn't. And it's okay. Valentine's Day is for girls. I know that.

Me: (thinking....thinking....) Yes! I did! I really did, but I don't have it here, it's something we have to go get.

Hubs: (trying to figure out if I'm lying or just scrambling to come up with something.) What is it, then?

Me: (stalling some more) It's, well, it' see. We are going to the store...and you are going to....go in the store...and pick out....a.........kitty!

Hubs (Laughs) Uh huh. Okay.

And then we sat down on the couch and I fell asleep. And forgot about it.

When I awoke, Hubs asked if I was for serious, because he had looked at some kitty cats up for adoption on-line and found a few he liked. I told him I was of course serious, and we went to the animal clinic.

When we arrived, there were many cats to choose from, but two of the kitties captured our hearts the quickest. Cupcake and his sister Sprinkles were both very animated and adorable, but Cupcake really stood out to me. He is a black and white tuxedo kitty with loads of personality, and I already can't imagine our lives without him.

Pictures below! Welcome to the fam, Cupcake. Even as I write this he's sitting on my lap attempting to add a message of his own on the keyboard. Here's what he has to say:


I'm going to assume that means he enjoys blogging and looks forward to helping me with this endeavor in the future.


BJMAR13 said...

Arm and Hammer Kitty Litter. If you buy anything else, you'll regret it. And so will your nostrils.

Courtney said...

Welcome Cupcake! What a very sweet he has face and a wonderful Valentine's gift (my husband and I tortured ourselves by looking at animals up for adoption on Saturday too, but we can't adopt any right now... our two pups are living with my parents while we live in an apt waiting for our house back home to sell so we can buy a house here ! Anyways...)

I will be looking forward to more of Cupcake's additions to this blog because really "jl']\kh;[p[i/////" is practically brilliant.

Courtney said...

"What a very sweet he has face" This clearly makes so much sense. And this is what happens when you make changes to a comment AFTER you have already proof-read, so you decide to just click "Publish."

So, yes, Kim, what a very sweet he has face. ;)

Lace said...

Ohhh so cute! Way to go fetch yourself another responsibility as a gift for Hubs! Haha :) At least he's a cute responsibility!

Judith said...

Love it! Now we can have play-dates with Maia and Cupcake, like all the other crazy cat owners....or not....anyhoo! It's so great to see a dog-lover convert to the cat side. :) Have fun with him!

Anonymous said...

Brad said his name is "Cup E. Cake" and referred to him as "CUP". I guess that is his maly, grownup know for resume's etc.
Aunt Joy

Anonymous said...

maly = Manly

Anonymous said...

SERIOUSLY cute cat! Good job.