Friday, February 20, 2009

re-bitten by the bug

It's been over a year and half since I said my "I do's" to Hubs. Hard to believe it's been that long, and yet I can tell time has passed because my days of spending three hours on The Knot have dwindled significantly.

When I was engaged, I spent (way too much) of my weeknights, weekends and lunch breaks drooling over wedding web-sites. Though I invested some of that time searching for visual ideas like flower arrangements and dresses, the majority of my interest was in the advice section.

Being a writer myself, I was extremely interested in advice from other brides. I engulfed myself in learning about who should pay for what, when it's okay to ask for a discount and even when to put my foot down and say how I really felt about something important.

(That happened more times than necessary. Just ask Hubs.)

After we got married, Hubs and I settled into "Married Life" and visiting those wedding web-sites just didn't top my priority list any longer.

But then....

The other day I read an article about brides today and how their expectations are so vastly different from those of the past.

For example - the average cost for a wedding in 2009 is $20,0000.

Holy shiz.

I can almost buy a Ford Flex for that.

I'm pretty sure my 'rents got hitched for like, $13.95. Including the honeymoon. Okay, not really, but my point is, some brides seriously have their priorities and expectations out of wack.

And I have something to say about it. So...sometime in the next month I'm going to be starting a new project. The project will be a blog.

It will not be about Hubs.

(Although he will probably be mentioned more than he wants.)

It will be about weddings. Clearly.

Details to come, so stay tuned. In the meantime I'm going to attempt to design a cool blog header.

(Remember, I'm a writer, not an artist. Expectations should remain low.)

I'm relatively excited about this new endeavor, and may even be on the look-out for a few co-bloggers. If you're interested (and not expecting to be paid) give me a shout at kim {dot} antisdel @ gmail {dot} com.

On a completely random note, I had a dream last night that Saved By the Bell was coming back, and I was going to play the part of Kelly Kapowski. How awesome would THAT be?


Adriana said...

When I first read your title I thought "baby-bug". I love weddings and the planning too. SIL is getting married the first Saturday in June so we have been totally emersed (sp?) in wedding stuff. I got married almost six years ago and although some things have changed I think MOST is still the same. Good idea on the new blog. I am thinking about starting a new one to...but something else entirely.

Darci said...

I loved the blog

Reading it kept me grounded when planning our wedding. We had a mega low budget so I did my best to stay away from the 'wedding porn.'

alissa said...

haha you should totally be in a saved by the bell remake. do you remember that show california dreams? someone posted on that today.
anyway - i have to say that bug never came back for me! but i still look forward to reading your insight because i know it will be hilarious!

Lace said...

I could co-blog for days about planning Weddings, my friend! I am EVERYONE'S BRIDESMAID for this reason. That movie 27 Dresses? I think they jacked that idea from my life. I think the "average price" of weddings is completely outrageous too. I'm a girl who LOVES a bargain! When I get married... I REFUSE to pay anywhere near that amount for a wedding!

I think you'd make a great Kelly Kapowski, personally. It'd be worth it if you got to rock some bangs like hers! I've dreamt about living in Stars Hollow next to the Gilmore Girls before. I woke up kind of embarassed for myself for that one! Haha