Wednesday, March 25, 2009


When I was going through my awkward teen years, I had one recurring fantasy.

(No. Not that kind of fantasy. That didn't come until I finally saw Pretty Woman at the age of 16. I'm totally serious.)

My fantasy involved picking up, moving to a brand new city where I knew absolutely no one (except the pizza delivery man) and starting over fresh.

(Am I alone in this? Surely I can't be.)

Obviously in middle school teen-dom just sucks. You have braces, your sweat glands are out of control and everyone knows you have problems applauding properly. The idea of wiping the slate clean and starting over is just so...romantic.

(Truth be told, in 10th grade, in a last ditch effort to secure the man of my dreams, I told him I was moving to Alma KS to live with my Grandma. I wanted to see if he'd get upset. All he said was, "That sucks. You should write me a postcard." Back. Fire.)

But middle school is over now. Clearly. My braces are gone, the sweat glands are (quasai) in control, and I have learned to applaud with grace and style.

But occasionally I still find myself want to go somewhere else.

(Of course I want Hubs' and the girls to come, too. I need loved ones to share my pizza!!)

There's something so mysterious and exciting about new places and unfamiliar faces. New restaurants to discover, new job opportunities to find(my fantasy involves a healthy economy) and roads and routes and highways to learn.

I realize that after some time, the strangers would dissolve into friends (or enemies) and the new places would turn to familiar hangouts, but still...wouldn't it be cool?

(It'd be sort of like college, except subtract the ramen noodles and add a morgtage. So really...nothing like college.)

Have you ever wanted to up and move away, just because you can? I'm mostly full of hot air because I have a severe phobia of change...but someday I might just have the guts to do it.

What if...


alissa said...

im with you there. i still to this day talk about up and moving to london. husband actually goes along with these ideas. theres like a 90% chance it will never happen but i like to dream about the 10% chance that we might :)

Lace said...

I think about how great that would be at least once a week! Then I think I would miss my family too much & the thought sulks sadly out of my head.

alissa said...

i have a question. im following your blog. and others. and my dam photo never shows up in the little following thing - am i following you? do i not know how to do a dam thing on this computer?

Kim said...

I get this fantasy a lot. There's at least ten times a week when I think about some variation of this fantasy. Whether I'll ever do anything about it is another story.