Monday, March 16, 2009

the facts of (sweet) life

Random Facts/Advice From Mexico Trip: 2009

* When riding the bus from economy parking to the KCI airport, make sure your driver is not on a secret mission to kill you.

* Personality is not a required character trait for most Frontier Airlines flight attendants.

* When renting a car in Mexico, ask for beer while you wait for your vehicle. They will give it to you.

* Tacking the letter "O" to the end of every word does not make it Spanish. Case in point: "Sand-o" is not the Spanish equivalent for the English word "Sand." Likewise, "La Hammock-o" is not the Spanish equivalent for "Hammock".

* Drinking water from a tap is a hard habit to break.

* Listening to waves sing you to sleep is el good-o.

* When you scream "LIMAS!" at a waiter, he will not realize that you need more limes. He will simply assume you're psycho and drunk. Which you are.

* The ocean delights in pulling off your swimming suit.

* Forget national health care, fresh guacamole every day should be a US law first.

* If you choose to bring your child to Mexico, make sure you have someone for him to play with. Otherwise he may run through a nice restaurant threatning to bite people. Awesome.

* Tequila will make you vomit. A lot.

* ATM machines in Tulum, Mexico are very hungry. They will eat your ATM card and not give it back.

* There are no clocks in Mexico.

* You will never need high heels in any part of Mexico. Don't bring them.

And Some Fun Number Facts from the Mexico Trip: 2009

28: Number of times I said, "the ocean is so pretty!"

50: The percentage of people on our trip that vomited from over-doing tequila shots.

543: Number of times I saw a gecko and called it a Geico.

82: Dollars Hubs and I spent on souvenirs. AMAZING, is it not?

2: Number of times I checked my email. (This number would've been greater if I had access to internet...but still. I'm quite proud of myself for going un-plugged.)

3: Arguements Hubs and I had. Considering we were together 24/7 for over 7 days, I am sure we will last forever. Espeically considering how annoying I can get.

3,000: Square feet in our casa.

12: Amount of avacadoes we estimate our house attendant used each day to make us guacamole.

9: Minutes it took us to eat the guacamole.

5: The least amount of pounds I gained while on vacation.

3: Number of times I had a non-alcoholic drink for breakfast.

1: Days it rained for longer than 8 minutes.

0: Number of times I wanted to come home.


Our trip was amazing. Seriously. I don't think I would change one thing about.

Some people wouldn't be able to spend an entire week in the same house with their spouse, let alone their spouses family. I am uber lucky that Hubs' has such cool people in his fam that I get along with.

Pictures will be coming soon! If you're a friend of mine on Facebook, you can check them out. And if you aren't my friend on Facebook, what is wrong with you? Here I am.

Glad to be back, Bloggies! I missed you!


alissa said...

yeah! you're back! sounds like a fabulous time!
cant wait to see the pictures...

Adriana said...

The pictures look amazing. So jealous :)

Lace said...

Glad you're back all safe and sound! I'm still really el-jealous-o of your trip and may or may not hold it against you for a few days.

Anonymous said...

Thank you again for taking care of me while I was "washing" the wall at the bar!! Love the Limas picture on your facebook album. With all the tequilla that we drank that friday night that 50% statistic is still pretty good. I think that the spanish lang. might be easier to figure out if they did just add an o to every word! It certainly would have helped us understand better so Josway wouldnt have to translate. You forgot to mention if all your shorts are missing..... check with the housekeeper.