Wednesday, March 18, 2009

the uncle I'd like to disown

Usually I am a big fan of March. It's my birthday month, green beer flows freely, March Madness begins... and I usually receive a big fat check from Uncle Sam.

(Oh wait? What's that? A big, fat not good surprise for me and Hubs? Whatever could it be?)

Apparently when you and your spouse go from an entry level job to a little higher up the food chain, the government decides to stick its little fingers in your cookie jar and take it all back.

Hubs and I figured we'd be okay for '08 because we are able to claim one of Hubs' daughters on our taxes, and we also own a house.

But this year, that just wasn't enough.

For the first time in my life, I owe taxes.

Until now, I the only time I even thought about owing was when I played Monopoly and landed on that pesky taxes square.

(And usually I just cheat and pass right over it. No one ever notices.)

In the game of Life Monopoly, I have arrived on that square. I'm pretty sure I can't just pass over it. The IRS might notice.

No, we don't owe just a measely $150 or even $200. It's way, way more. Now I understand why April 15th should be stricken from the worlds' calendar.

For the next month, when Hubs and I look at our savings account, we will not smile at the amount we have saved.

Because it is going bye bye.

(So much for finishing my office in the basement anytime soon.)

Thankfully, our tax dude played with our numbers and changed a few things, so that next year we either won't owe anything or we might just get a teeny bit back.

I love being an adult.


Lace said...

BOOOOO. I feel for you, friend! Uncle Sam hasn't pissed me off(personally)YET, but I do have a couple of real life Uncles I'd be alright with disowning. Don't we all?

Judith said...

Welcome to my world....we haven't even done ours yet becuase, frankly, I'm sick of having to hand over thousands of dollars as a result of filing our return. I don't get how we can pay income tax, property tax, sales tax, airport tax, etc etc etc and never get a break. I mean, I'm all for helping out people who really need it, but it sucks to see the stuff going down with the gigantic bonuses CEO's get when their companies are failing. How in the world are we (the little people) supposed to get ahead with that business going on?!?!?!?!

darci said...

are you changing anything on your w-2's? I did some research after we got married and the wording on the w-2 is super tricky. you should never both claim yourselves as married b/c it doesn't take out enough. sorry for your troubles!

alissa said...

booo. im also part of the fabulous crowd that will be sending a check to uncle sam this year, not receiving one.
bummer lady!

Adriana said...

Just one more reason having kids is a plus. Child tax credit, daycare credit, education credit, etc, etc. I am sure it will all catch up to us in a few years though when hubby is done with residency:)

Anonymous said...

Hey children dont help that much. With daycare, house interest, first time home buyers, two kids, student loans, and two adults, we recieved less than $2,000 this year! Uncle sam can kiss my fat a*s. I should have taken that job at AIG then i could have screwed everyone else with my bonus. Shame on our government!