Monday, April 27, 2009

i've gone country


No, seriously. I can handle country music in small (very, very small) spurts, but for the most part, it just drives me to drink.

(Which, in a strange twist of irony, don't most country songs talk about drinking? Coincidence? I think not.)

(Or maybe they're all about losing their cats on a slow train to Tennessee where the wild flowers grow or something. I dunno. It's neither here nor there.)


Desipite my outward dislike for most country music, I do secretly (like, in my car when no one is around for miles) listen to a few songs on occasion.

If they're awesome.

Or talk about recovering from asshole ex boyfriends.

Or make me cry.

Or are named "Cry."

This particular song just happens to meet all four of those requirements.

I've heard the studio verion of this song many times. Wah wahh. Not so great.

Recently though, I stumbled upon a live version in which Faith I'm-So-Hot-Because-I'm-Married-To-Tim-McGraw-and-Have-Pretty-Blonde-Big-Hair Hill sings the song as a duet with the actual writer, Angie Aparo.

(YAYYYYY writers!)

(And yay Angie Aparo becaue he's super cute and I'd like to carry him around in my pocket and give him a tickle every now and again.)

Without further ado, here is Faith Hill and Angie Aparo singing, "Cry".

Because, ya know, it's Monday. What else have you got to do?

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