Monday, April 20, 2009

oh happy day

photo by me. amazing, am I not?

Just found out that one of my bestest besties is going to have her first baby in December! I could not be more excited if it was my own happy baby news.

(Okay, I'd be a little more excited if it was my news. But I like to exaggerate when the moment calls for it.)

My lovely friend (whom I will call Sparrow) and her Hubs have been trying for quite some time to get preggers, and I think for awhile she was wondering if her equipment wasn't working properly.

Good to know your uterus is working just fine.

Like I ever had any doubts.

Congratulations, Little Sparrow! You'll be a mama bird soon, and Auntie Kimmy will be there every step of the way.

(Well, not every step. Doctor's offices freak me out. As do discussions of the words placenta, swelling, fallopian tubes, engorged, breast milk, and cervix.)

So, in actuality, I'll just be there when you pick out the outfits, names, sheets, shoes, dressers, changing tables and party favors.

God, you're so lucky to have a friend like me.

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alissa said...

haha thats great! i cant stop laughing at the words youd like to avoid - my ears started bleeding just reading them. im with you, picking out baby names is right up my alley. just not the yuckies.