Wednesday, April 29, 2009

on the road again

Things I Love About Traveling For Work:

1. Eating Old Chicago's crispy chicken salad over lunch. In a booth in the corner. Reading Twilight to myself. Again.

2. Taking my fave clients for dinner and drinks.

3. Seeing one of my best friends for two days and catching up on all the crazy rumors we hear about people from high school.

4. Hearing Hubs say, "I miss you" over the phone.

5. Out of town browsing.

Things I Do NOT Love About Traveling For Work:

1. Reading my schedule wrong and showing up to the wrong building for the wrong appointment at the wrong time on the wrong day.

2. Driving 10 miles in the wrong direction, and not realizing it until I reach a town with population 2,300.

3. Having to hear Hubs say, "I miss you" over the phone.

4. Missing my own bed.

5. Having to go to the bathroom really bad and not having anywhere to go except the hole in the wall Kum and Go I just passed 4 miles back. The Kum and Go whose cashier looks like he may or may not have recently Shawshank Redemption'd himself out of a pedophile prison that made him wear pink pajamas the whole time he was there.


Elizabeth said...

Yes it IS the CA in KC! I live about 20 minutes from there so we go to the legends all of the time. Wonder if I've passed you before!

Kim said...

Traveling for work has a sense of purpose and superiority to other travels, I feel.

drollgirl said...


Pen Pen said...

:) This is so hilarious!! and it made me think of a week ago when I was with one of my best friends doing an interview of a band. When we left, we had to both use the restroom, and we could only find a gas station. The cashier guy was stocking things and kept going back to pick things up from the back and passing us. He'd stare each time he passed, and I remember saying for her to stay right outside the door so we could hear eachother...I dunno WHY we stayed and used it----That's how people end up on the evening news! :)

alissa said...

im traveling for work as well my dear. my 'likes' list is not as long. i think my favorite part is the loud college students screaming on the street below. or that barely any of the tv stations are working so i have the disney channel on right now. thats right i said it.

ManoloChooLou said...

Your posts are always so clever.

I haven't eaten at an Old Chicago since I left the midwest. I always opted for the Oriental Chicken Salad. A cold noodle salad is kind of strange, but good nonetheless.

Kellie said...

I used to travel for work and although it was great to break up the monotony at times I really don't miss it at all...