Friday, April 10, 2009

potato waves

I don't often laugh so hard I pee my pants, but

I came across a You Tube video this afternoon that literally had me crying and holding myself as I ran for the bathroom.

Lyrics in music can be difficult to understand. With the invention of the Internet, it's very easy to find which songs you've been singing wrong for the last decade.

But there is no song that is as misunderstood as Pearl Jam's "Yellow Ledbetter". For years I tried to figure out what this song's lyrics were and never succeeded.

It's just one of those weird songs that isn't supposed to make sense.

That being said, go do yourself a favor and watch this. Even if you have never heard of the song. It is a guaranteed laugh.

Finding this You Tube video inspired me to share some of my most embarrassing misunderstood lyrics.

(Most of the time, Hubs has no problem correcting me. And laughing.)

Here are a few doozies from my long list of wrongly interpreted lyrics:

1) Tina Turner- What's Love Got To Do With It?

My lyrics: "What's love, but a second candy motion?"

Tina's lyrics: "What's love, but a second hand emotion?"

2) Toto- Africa

Toto's lyrics: "I bless the rains down in Africa."

My lyrics: "I guess (as in, I suppose) the rain's down in Africa."

3) Billy Joel- Piano Man

Billy's lyrics: He says son can you play me a memory
I'm not really sure how it goes
But it's sad and it's sweet
and I knew it complete
when I wore a younger man's clothes

My lyrics: He says son can you play me a melody
I'm not really sure how it goes
But it's sad and it's sweet
and I knew it complete
when I wore a laundromats' clothes

4) Huey Lewis and the News- Power of Love

Huey's lyrics: Don't take money, don't take fame
Don't need no credit card to ride this train

My lyrics: Don't take honey, don't take game
Don't need no credit card, the ride is trained

5) Marc Cohn- Walkin' in Memphis

Marc's lyrics: I was walkin' in Mephis, walkin' with my feet ten feet of of Beale

My lyrics: I was walkin' in Memphis, walkin' with my feet in and off of steel

6) Manfred Mann's Earth Band: Blinded By the Light

Manfred's Lyrics: Blinded by the light
reved up like a deuce
another runner in the light.

My lyrics: Blinded by the light
rolled up, lit a deuce
in the middle of the night.

7) 3 Doors Down: Be Like That

3 Doors Down lyrics: If I can be like that
I would give anything
Just to live one day
In those shoes

My lyrics: F*ck me like that
I would give anything
Just to live one day
In those shoes

(don't believe it sounds like what I thought it was? Go listen to it here.)

8) John Fogarty- Put Me in Coach

John's lyrics: Put me in coach
I'm ready to play, today
Look at me, I can be
Center field

My lyrics: Put me in coach
I'm ready to play, today
Look at me, I can be
Santa Fe

What about you? Any songs you SWEAR you were singing right that turned out to be oh so painfully wrong? One of my favorites I've heard of is from Alanis Morrisette and her song "You Oughta Know."

Real Lyrics: It's not fair
To remind me
Of the cross I bear that you gave to me

Misunderstood lyrics: It's not fair
To remind me
Of the cross-eyed bear that you gave to me


Kellie said...

Cross-eyed bear!?! Hilarious. I sing so many songs wrong but I don't even care to look up the right lyrics. I think I like them better the way I sing them!

alissa said...

hahaha that video is awesome. i like the mariah glitter poster.
yours are so funny!
my friend in high school swore the song 'every morning' said 'captain morgan'

the first one that came to mind was the christmas song 'the first noel'
i thought they were saying 'oh well' which is not nearly as funny

Anonymous said...

Me - "put me in cold, I'm ready to play today!"

Frankie Valli "MY Eyes Adored you" my friend swore was "My Liza Georgia"

Aunt Joy

Bess said...

I sang it the same as Aunt Joy.

Put me in cold
I'm ready to play today!

Guess I was always the girl on the bench waiting to play. In my head it made sense to beg to be put in "cold." Warm ups were like 2 hours ago.

Judith said...

This was hilarious! Thanks for posting it--I hadn't had a good laugh all day, and this one really did me in!

Oh, Eddie Vedder--back in the day he was so hot it didn't matter how many weird lyrics he mumbled....he was a delicious dish for sure!

Erin said...

Michael Jackson: Don't stop til you get enough.

Erin (at the age of like ohhh 7 or something):
Don't stop til you get it up!

Anonymous said...

I like Eddie Vedder too mostly cause I know his Momma. (and he's cute..and still is!
Back in the day when he was wearing a mohawk for awhile, I told her that Eddie could even make a mohawk look good! She told him I said that. He answered, "That's the same thing Susan Sarandon said!".
Guess Susan and I have the same taste! hahaha

Aunt Joy

Anonymous said...

Oh, Bess !! Thanks for chiming in with the same lyrics mis speak as I heard them. My daughter and Husband think I am the only one who could make that mistake!

Up Rooted said...

That's hilarious. I used to sing Ted Nuggent's Cat scratch fever as

Ted says. "The cat scratch fever"

I'd say "The cat scrated deeper"
My mom found it sooo funny. I think I was 15.

K @ Blog Goggles said...

Second candy emotion. I have a couple of those :)

Anonymous said...

Kelly Clarkson's Lyrics:
"...behind these hazel eyes..."

My Lyrics:
"...but Elvis, he's alive..."


Rachel said...

7th grade carpool on the way to school, AC/DC's Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap comes on the radio... my best friend Whitney and I (who at the time thought it was awesome to talk like Beavis) start belting out this new song at the top of our lungs. Our version (in beavis voice) was "Dirty theives and the Dunder Chiefs". We even got out and did a little jig to the Dunder Chiefs. I'm pretty sure I still sing it that way in my head.

Lauren said...

Hilarious! I have way too many I could post but this one comes to mind... "Silent Night" was always a classic for our kiddie choir at church. At that young age I didn't really know what a "virgin" was but I did know that when someone is pregnant, they are "round" so...

"Silent night, holy night
All is calm, all is bright
Round yon Virgin Mother and Child"


"Silent night, holy night
All is calm, all is bright
Round young virgin, mother with Child"

What the heck kind of word is "yon" anyway? ;-)

lixue said...

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