Monday, April 20, 2009

will write for food - or cap and gown.

Call me crazy - but I've been thinking.
(No worries, the fire extinguisher is right here next to me in case my brain explodes)

I'm going to share my thoughts with you. Because I can.

I kinda want to go back to school.

Duuuuh, duh dum duh DUMMMMMMM!!!!!!

Don't get me wrong, I love my job. For serious. I have no desire to leave it. It's fulfilling, it's challenging and it's a blast.

This really has nothing to do with my current job or the state of the economy either. It's more to do with...I want to pursue my passion.

(I know, I know. Hey Kim, shouldn't you have pursued your passion say, the first time you went to college?)

(Yes, smarty pants. I should have. And I thought I was at the time. So shut it.)

Unfortunately, when I went to my high school guidance counselor in 1999 to discuss my future, the conversation went something like this:
Counselor: What do you want to be when you grow up?

Me: (thinking that I had next period with really, really hot boy.) Um...I don't know really. I'm good at the cello.

Counselor: Music! Excellent. Anything else?

Me: (wondering if hot boy would be wearing his sky blue shirt today) Yeah...I love acting. I could try that.

Counselor: Music and acting are in the same vein, so you could definitely combine those two desires. What else?

Me: (picking my fingernails and thinking about hot boy's lips) I took a class in interior design last year. That was fun and I have an interest in design.

Counselor: Do you think you might want to do something like that?

Me: Maybe. I dunno. (pause as my brain finally wakes up.) Actually, I'm really good at writing. I think I'd maybe like to write a book, or work for a magazine someday.

Counselor: (frowns) Art, design, and music are all kind of in the same subject headings. You don't need a degree to write a book. Anyone can do that. I'd stick with one of those three we already discussed. That makes the most sense.

Me: Okay. Can I go now?

In hindsight, my "passion" was in front of my face for essentially my entire life. In grade school, when teachers would sign my yearbooks

(yes, I asked my teachers to sign my yearbook)

they wouldn't sign messages like, "Have a great summer, Kim!" They wrote, "Can't wait to see your first published book!" and "What an amazing writer you are! Keep it up!" and "I wish you hadn't talked so much during class!"

Okay, the last one is neither here nor there.


Sometimes I think about how much I would love working as a copywriter/advertiser/public relations/journalist/whatever person. It seems like something I would be stellar at and super duper enjoy.

(And really, if blogging paid the bills, I would have no need to consider this life transition. So, anytime ya'll want to donate to the "Keep Kim Out of College and Writing This Amazing Blog" fund, I am open to it.)

Truth be told, it's freelancing for Shawnee Magazine that started this little snowball a rollin'. I love freelancing, I love writing articles and I want to be more involved in that whole creative process.

Unfortunately, to an editor, a snarky gal with a degree in Interior Design doesn't evoke images of awesome writing abilities. Yes, my magazine experience is helpful, but I'll be honest.
I've only written two articles.
Cosmopolitan isn't exactly knocking down my door.

I guess...maybe I'm just excited at the possibilities that would open if I got a degree that specializes in communications.

It's also probably true that some peeps already in these positions will tell me to run far, far away. The hours are hell, the boss can be a drag, the client is never satisfied...

But that's for me to learn, right? And really, how is that different from any other job?

Bottom line, I'm just thinking about it. No one need worry, it's probably going nowhere.
(Last I checked Hubs and I don't have an extra $30K to roll around in.)

Although, it would be nice to experience college without worrying about vomiting up last night's Jell-O shots all over my desk.
It could be interesting...


Kim said...

I feel the same way. Although your high school guidance counselor is right (you don't need a degree to write a book), it's certainly nice to have a background to literature and writing in an academic setting.

That being said, I'm happy for your freelancing and can't wait to hear more about it.

Lady Jane said...

Sounds a lot like my conversation with my guidance counselor... a whole lot of nuthin'. I say go for what you are passionate about:))

Up Rooted said...

I have been feeling the same way about going back to school and finally decided to do it.
Good luck with your decision.

Kathy said...

OK, this is my first trip to your blog (the Totally Awkward Tuesday thing lured me over), and I want to say, YOU CAN WRITE! And if you need any encouragement on going back to college - I first did the college thing in the 60's-70's (Oh my gosh - I am SO old!), and then, graduated last year at the age of 57 with my nursing degree. Best thing I ever did, with the exception of motherhood, and sometimes I questioned that in the moment! I went to Uganda last summer to work as a nurse for a couple of months once I was officially an RN, and ended up opening a small orphanage. Who knew? All because I decided to pursue my passion. I say go for it, girl!

Smalls said...

Oh my god, I can't even begin to tell you how much I would love going back to school.

I'm a software programmer, and I love my job. But the 8-5 monday-friday schedule kills me, working on the same project for months and months. It's so monotonous!

I'd love to go back to school and explore a field I never even considered, which is medicine. But do I really want to waste like 6 years to become a doctor, and add like 100k to my already large tuition debt? He he, NO. It's nice to dream though.

But if your dream is to write, why go back to school? If over the next 2 years you keep seeking columns to write in different magazines and you can also write a novel and bulk up your writer resume, I'd think that experience would be worth more than a degree to most employers. And it's a lot cheaper :P