Thursday, June 4, 2009

dum dum dum dum DUMMMMM

You asked for it...well, no wait, actually you didn't.

(But I'm going to pretend you did.)

In the next few days I will be hosting my very first give away!!

(Rahhh, cheers, applause, procession!)

No details yet on what it is that I'll be gifting to one (maybe two) oh-so-wonderful bloggy readers.

(But just to clarify one minor point, this is not the Ellen Show. You're not getting a Trek bike. Sorry. Bring over 4,000 of your nearest friends to my blog and then you might get something that sweet.)

I will tell you that this is a give away from an Etsy store because, seriously, I love love love Etsy. It gives regular people the chance to sell their wares without the platform of celebrity to jump from.

(Unlike Tori Spelling. Who I will totally discuss later.)

So stay tuned for more information. Today is TMI Thursday, and I haven't forgotten...I'm just debating which story to tell.

Keep checking back to find out!


Lady Jane said...

I looovvveee Etsy too! I would love to open my own store on there!

alissa said...

dun dun dun im intruiged!

Kim said...

Unlike Tori Spelling. HA! Loved that line.

Allison said...

giveaways are always fun! i can't wait to hear what it is!