Tuesday, June 2, 2009

kitties and cappucinos

Hi, Bloggies!

Did you think I had left you? Did you think I had given up on this whole Conquer-The-World-Through-Blogging-And-Self-Deprecation thing?

Of course I didn't.

(I am waaay too full of myself to give up on that dream.)

Believe it or not, I actually have the best excuse for being gone. I was incredibly busy last week being a kick ass step-mom.

(Well, maybe not the kick ass part, but I sure did my best.)

Hubs and I decided to capitalize on my recent unemployment status by keeping the girls at our house last week. The girls are none too thrilled with getting up at the ass crack of dawn to go to daycare during their summer break (and who could blame them?) so I offered to watch them during the day for a WHOLE WEEK.


We went to the library.

We played hours of Mario Kart on Wii. (They kicked my little cart's behind right into next week.)

We watched Twilight. Twice.
(The second time may or may not have been my idea.)

We got Starbucks mocha frappucinos and pretended to be important business women as we consumed them in the Target concession area.

And of course, at 5.30 every night when Hubs returned home, we hung out together as a fam and enjoyed each others company. It was bliss.

And so I didn't blog.

Unfortunately the week had to come to an end, but of course it ended with a bang. On Saturday, we added a new member to our family.

Bloggies, meet Oreo. Oreo, meet the boggies.

c'mon now, leave her some comment love

Oreo is a sweet little baby girl who will now be keeping Cupcake company. And even though he looks depressed in the background, Cupcake is actually quite excited.

(And yes, Oreo is a girl and Cupcake is a boy. I get that we've probably scarred them for life with gender confusion, but it just happened that way.)

We got Oreo from PetSmart. She was a rescue kitty from Parkville, MO. Once we saw her (and her name), we knew it was meant to be.

(On a side note: seriously people, get your pets from a shelter or rescue organization. There are so many amazing animals that need homes. Breeding is just unnecessary. And effing gross.)

We have already fallen in love with Oreo's spunkyness and over-the-top zest for destroying anything fabric in our house.

And with that, I am back. I don't have an awkward story at the moment, but hey, I'm unemployed with nothing to do. I'm sure by the end of the day I'll think of something, so keep checking back.

I'll leave with you with some funny step daughter-isms from my amazing "Girls Only" week:
(as the girls work on drawings declaring their love for DaddyHubs)

Me: That's a beautiful picture, M!

8-year old M: Thank you.

6-year old T: But what about mine???

Me: Yes, T. Yours is very beautiful as well.

T: I know. I'm a drawer AND a lover. I'm good at so many things, really.


(after meeting Hubs for lunch at Crayola Cafe.)

Me: Let's head on home, and we can maybe see Night at the Museum 2 tonight when Daddy gets home.

M: (frowns)

Me: What's wrong, M?

M: You said "maybe".

Me: What's wrong with that?

M: Maybe means "no" unless Grandma says it.

(for the record we did go and see the movie.)

(walking into the library)

Me: Okay girls, we'll need to be very quiet in here.

M: Like in a church?
Me: Sort of, yes. Just keep your voices down so people can concentrate on their books.

T: (in a nowhere close to indoor voice) THEY HAVE MOVIES HERE!!! CAN WE GET AIR BUDDIES?

Me: Shhhhh, T. You have Air Buddies at home. We're here to get books to read.

T: I don't want books about a church, though.

I'm glad to be back to the world of blogging. Hope you didn't forget about me!


Kellie said...

Welcome back! And welcome to the blogosphere Oreo! He's a cutie!

Anonymous said...

glad to see you back, sounds like you had a great week with the girlies! welcome to the family, Oreo! :)

Anonymous said...

Its funny they have Grandma pegged on the maybe thing!!!! Oreo is so cute, cant wait to meet her in person next time your up here. If you need something akward to write about, you can always share my lunch story from yesterday! And FYI I made it all the way through lunch today, arent you proud?
PS- Next animal is a dog...but when you get to the turtles...opt out, cleaning the tank is a mess, especially when the bottom breaks when the hubs is trying to clean it!

Judith said...

OMG--you got another cat!!!! Excitement! What a presh little kitty!

Lady Jane said...

I love the things kids say! And Oreo is adorable....I want one now!

Dutch donut girl said...

What a very very cute kitty.