Monday, June 8, 2009

let's take a little trip

All right, bloggies. Tomorrow is a special day! Just like Field Trip day in middle school.

(Minus the permission slips.)

(And minus the bumpy bus ride with your boyfriend secretly feeling you up holding your hand in the last seat on the left. No? Just me?)


Tomorrow, please be sure to come and visit me over at Alissa's lovely little blog.

Her blog is right here, you can't miss it.

This will be my first guest post ever and I'm way pumped. I love to do guest posts, so if you ever feel the need to go on a bloggy vacation, feel free to shoot me a line and let me know you need a guest poster.)

(Just know that I might say bad words on your blog.)

In addition to reading my post over at Alissa's blog, you can also read Alissa's post on this blog tomorrow!

This is officially called a BlogSwap.

(Because, you know, I officially made it up.)

My post tomorrow will be the of the much anticipated Awkward Tuesday variety. But really, it fits right in with TMI Thursday, too.

Trust me, you don't want to miss it.

It is the story of literally the most embarrassing moment of my life.

(If I know you IRL, you already know what it is.)

In fact, I severely debated whether I would actually be able to share it without the assistance of illegal narcotics.

(But then I remembered ever time I get drunk I tell it anyway, so really there's nothing stopping me.)

So please, tomorrow go see Alissa and give my story some bloggy lover-love. And leave lots of comments because I will need moral support after sharing such a traumatic tale.

I'm already breaking out in hives thinking about it...

And of course, please stay tuned to this blog for Alissa's post. Not a clue what she's writing about, but she's way funnier than me, so you're in for a treat regardless.

Let the swap begin!

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Meandering Me said...

Sounds like it's gonna be fun!