Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Item #435 I never knew about Hubs

(I walk into the house, just back from dinner with a good friend. Hubs is on the couch watching television.)

Me: (plopping onto couch) Hey, babe.

Hubs: (not taking eyes off television for a second) Hey.

Me: (fidgeting, looking for attention.) So...dinner was good.

Hubs: (still glued to television) Cool. Glad you liked it.




(more gunshots)

Me: What the hell are you watching?

Hubs: It's a Western.

Me: (laughing) What? You watch Westerns? Since when? I thought we were going to watch "Romy and Michelle's High School Reunion" to get in the mood for your reunion this weekend.

Hubs: (rolls eyes) Let's watch this first, then we'll watch that.



(ridiculous dialogue on the television about Colt 45's or gun powder potency or some ridiculous sh*t.)

Hubs: (sighs nostalgically) Sometimes I think it would really be cool to live in Western times.

Me: (mouth on floor) Seriously, babe? You know there weren't any Wendy's and McDonald's in the old West.

Hubs: So? It'd be like camping...but all the time.

Me: You don't like to camp.


Hubs: Well yeah, but everyone would be camping along with you...


Hubs: ...and you would get to wear HATS!

Me: I'm going downstairs to watch "Tori and Dean."


Mom said...

I blame myself....remind me to show you the picture of us taken in Colorado when Brad was at an impressionable age. It was one of those "dress in western garb, tote a gun and have a duotone photo taken as a souvenir" things.

BJMAR13 said...

You're back!!! Hilarity may ensue once again!

alissa said...

haha thats hilarious. dan loves watching this one - deadwood?- or something.
but he would be killed in like 30 seconds in those times. either by another cowboy or a rattlesnake...rogue goat. i dont know, it wouldnt be pleasant.

Erin said...


Meandering Mel said...

Missed you!
Glad I'm not the only one drowning her lack-of-a-job-sorrows with food and TV.
Is the job hunt getting any better?

Judith said...

Oh man, what was he thinking trading a western for Romy & Michelle, I mean, that's just as classic, but WAY better! 'Excuse me, I cut my foot earlier and now my shoe is filling up with blood.' Sorry, but John Wayne could never deliver that line the way Mira Sorvino does.

Stephanie said...

Hee-hee!!! I was suddenly reminded of Dad. Too.funny. So Brad has "good movies" much like Dad's "good books", eh??? =) Glad you are blogging again!!! Love You!