Thursday, August 20, 2009

on a positive note...

After today's earlier post, I don't want to end the day negative. It just wouldn't sit right with me.

(Unless the negative is finding out I lost four pounds. That's a minus I can get on board with.)

My oldest step-daughter, M, turned 9 a week or so ago. Remember last year when I made this
cake for her and it turned out surprisingly well? I decided to try and keep the tradition alive.

M is obsessed with Hannah Montana and had mentioned a few times that a guitar cake would be super cool to have for her b-day.

So, while Hubs painted her newly acquired cast (she had surgery on her foot), I worked in the kitchen trying to make a really rad guitar cake.

I baked.

I screamed.

I cursed.

I ate frosting.

(A lot of it.)

I completed the cake - and M was very happy with the result. Without patting myself on the back too much, I was darn happy with it, too.

(What an artistic woman I am. Kind of like Van Gogh. But with both ears. And without insanity. (Sometimes.))

See the pics below! Tomorrow is TMI Thursday, and it's gonna be a good one, so come back and visit me.

Yes, Hubs painted that cast by himself. And no, Hubs is not for sale. I'm keeping him for a long, long time.

The Guitar Cake, complete with microphone.

Blowing out the candles...


taylor said...

well done girl. well. done. and i'm so calling your hubs if i ever have to wear a cast. shoot, i might just wear a cast for the helluvit if it looks like that!

drollgirl said...

that cake is adorable!!! and she looks so happy and cute. KUDOS!

Mom said...

The girls are pretty lucky to have two such creative people in their lives.....!

alissa said...

thats awesome! nice work - and that cast is adorable

scotchtapedprincess said...

Wow, hubs is really TALENTED! And so are you, honey...great cake! :)

Anonymous said...

Makayla must have felt like a rock princess on her birthday!

Her Grand Aunt Joy

LiLu said...

Yesterday was TMI Thursday... I'm confused! But I still can't wait to see what it is :-)