Monday, September 14, 2009

the salesman sucketh

I got a job.

(Cheers, balloons, songs, joy!)

Calm down, it's not that big of a deal.

(Or maybe it is. I may or may not make Hubs toast to my awesomeness every time he takes a drink of his Red Bull.)

Anyhoodle, the job is going to be a great fit for me and I really think/hope/prah/voo doo/ Ouiji board/witchcraft that I'll do well in it.

One of the best perks about my new job is that I have a car allowance.

(I know, what?)

It's true. Due to the high volume of driving I'll be performing in this position, my company provides me with a moderate car allowance that will assist in purchasing a new, reliable, attractive to customers, safe to drive vehicle.

Naturally, because of this development, rather than focusing on the exciting new products I get to sell, I am instead focused solely on my new car.

(Two minutes into my job, and I'm shopping already. Heaven help us.)

Therefore, during the majority of Friday afternoon, Hubs and I went around to various dealerships trying out vehicles that meet my company's expectations and requirements.

The requirements are basically:

a) new
b) SUV or truck (Insert snort here. Like I'd ever drive a truck.)
c) decent gas mileage
d) adorable body style that inspires Hubs to say, "Damn you look hot in that thing."

Okay, maybe "d" is my requirement.


Anyways...on the way to the dealerships I was peeing my pants excited to be checking out cars that are normally way outside my budget.

I mean, the allowance my company gives me by no means pays for my vehicle, but it does help to ensure I'm not driving a $3,000 beater car, either.

So there Hubs and I are, visiting dealership after dealership, trying to narrow down which vehicle is going to do the best job, for the best price, with the cutest accessories and MP3 space.

It's not as easy as it sounds.

I have to admit, I envisioned a slightly different car shopping experience than I received.

(Like, red carpets, champagne, and caviar snacks while shopping.)

Clearly I'm exaggerating, but I did I assume most dealers would treat us with respect, help if we had questions, and in general try to MAKE THE SALE.

Instead, much to my surprise, we had to GO AND SEEK OUT the sales people ourselves several times.

I mean, no, I wasn't wearing my pearls and 6" stilettos that day. And yes, Hubs was wearing shorts and a t-shirt. But really, is it a requirement to put on your Prada to receive decent service in a dealership??

Cuz it shouldn't be.

(I'm aware I probably sound like a whiner. Poor princess has to go seek out a salesperson to show her a car. Like, big deal.)

And you're right about that.

But in reality, it was the manner in which the sales people acted once we had identified ourselves as serious buyers that had me seeing red.

Look, to start with, I wasn't about to share with the sales dude that, "HEY! My company is giving me x dollars to spend on a brand new car! What kind of deals can you give me?" No, no. I wanted them to earn my business, and the pay off would have been good for them.
Apparently no one wanted that pay off.

One particular dealership really had me pissed. We arrived and (after several minutes) went inside to find a sales person. Here's what happened:

Me: (walking around showroom floor) I wonder if the guy destroying that doughnut over there might want to help us rather than taking his cholesterol up another 8 points.

Hubs: Stop it. Your voice carries.

Me: Well. I'm just sayin'.

Salesman: (sees Hubs and me and waddles walks over.) Ahem. May I help you?

Me: (smiling) Hello! We were wanting to look at some cars.

Salesman: (looking me up and down disapprovingly) What are you interested in seeing?

Me: We're just checking things out. You guys have some nice cars here.

Salesman: (rolling eyes) Wellll, yes, we do.

Me: (pointing toward the Ford Flex) How much is this one?

Salesman: (staring at me blankly and fiddling with his pen.) I don't think this would fit your style.

Me: (incredulous) Well, I didn't ask if it would fit my style, I asked how much it was.

Salesman: (calling across the showroom) How much is this, Mike?

Mike: It's very expensive.

Salesman: (looking back to me) It's very expensive.

Me: (starting to cry and pulling wads of cash out of my pocket) Look I got money to spend in here!!

Salesman: (taking broad stance.) I don't think we have anything for you. You're obviously in the wrong place. Please leave.

And then I ran out of the dealership crying while the orchestra swelled behind me. Then Richard Gere brought me back and he let me try on any car that I wanted and eventually took me to the opera.

Oh, and I walked back into the dealership later and said, "You work on commission right? Big mistake. Big. Huge. I HAVE TO GO SHOPPING NOW."


Okay, so it didn't quite happen like that. But what did happen was the salesman basically treated Hubs and I like we were red-headed hookers in thigh high boots.

Joking aside, I would think in this day and age, a car salesman would be thrilled to have a serious buyer on their hands.

Especially a non-hooker buyer.

Regardless, I do get to purchase a new car in the next few weeks, and I WILL find a salesman who is happy to see me.

Any recommendations on where to go? Do you have any car buying horror stories?


Erin said...

I went to check out an SUV a few weekends ago, highly interested in one used one. The sales guy wanted nothing to do with me. Ridic. He would rather drink coffee than make a sale that day. WTF? Recession my butt.

Darci said...

there's a guy at my old church who started a company you might want to check out

i've never used them but we might for our next car =)

alissa said...

i love carmax so much that ive considered getting their logo tattood on my arse. maybe not exactly - but im seriously so impressed with them. i am a lifetime customer.
although im not sure if they have BRAND new cars or not (i bought a 2005 in 2005 but it had 10k miles on it etc)

Wendy said...

That sucks, I'm sorry! My cousin just got a Honda CRV at CarMax, and they were pretty decent. She brought her baby with her though, so I guess they kinda had to be nice, hah!

I always hate how they bring you a price on a piece of paper and say "Can I earn your business at this number?" It's like no, dude, but you could sell me the effing car.

Leah said...

Congratulations on your new job!!!

Kim said...


I have no advice on the car shopping, but have as much fun with it as you can.

Kellie said...

When we went car shopping a year ago it was all we could do to keep the salesmen from fighting over us. It was ridiculous. I wonder if the clunker program has anything to do w/ their new attitudes???

Congrats on the job!!

Ellen said...

Which Ford dealership is that? I may have some connections to get you rolling in the good service department; I would recommend an Escape if you go that route--great mileage, reasonable pricing, cute...would be worth checking out...and they have hybrid options....btw, which dealership did you try? The KC rep I'm sure would be interested in knowing who's killing their chances at making a sale...

ManoloChooLou said...

Congrats on the job!!! How fantastic.

I don't have any horrible shopping experience stories to share. I occassionally paw at the Chanel bags in my local Saks and am treated very friendly despite the fact I have no business being within a mile of those bags.

Good luck with your car search. You aren't the first person I've heard complain about mistreatment at a dealership. I'm with you--the sales people should be bending over backwards to make a sale. Doesn't make any sense.

Anonymous said...


No hassle - decent price - fleet sales! No other way to go!!!

That's all we ever use!

Congrats on the job though!

Aunt Joy

LiLu said...

The only car I ever bought was a $650 '87 Civic hatchback in college from a bartender. No A/C, no power steering, no radio.

I would have KILLED for a truck.

Erin A. said...

Four years or so ago, I was looking for a cheap clunker car. I had no transportation, and needed something with an engine, four wheels, and preferably driver and passenger seats.

BJ and I visited a variety of used dealerships, who we told up front our low budget. Most told us straight up that they couldn't help us. That's fine, at least they were honest.

We went to a Hyundai dealership, though, and were met by an overeager young salesman. He "tried" to convine us to buy the brand new $17,000 dollar car. We said no, I don't want that, and I don't have the credit to get a car loan. He responded "Well, we have a deal with a bank that will give a loan to anyone." BJ and I laughed. We asked, "So, what's the interest rate on one of those 'we take everyone' loans?", to which the chipper ding-ding responded "About 17-20%, but wouldn't your parents be proud of you for building your credit on your own without cosigning witht them?" I can't remember if it was BJ or I that responded "Um, no, my parents would disown me for buying so irresponsibly and for taking a car loan with an interest rate as high as a credit card." We laughed all the way home.

Anonymous said...

Come to Manhattan. The people are amazingly nice. (mostly cause they are poor college kids trying to earn their way)

Natalie said...

Love your blog!

I'm hosting a giveaway this week, be sure to check it out!

sarahtableforone said...

love this post! I recently bought a car and was appalled at the sleezy car salesmen I had 'help' me. You really would think they would bend over backwards to make a sale since apparently the economy crap but mine just cranked up the slime. ick.

amy said...