Friday, February 19, 2010

At least I didn't think tuna was chicken

Time:  Approximately 2 months ago, Sunday night.

Setting:  Hubs and me in the living room. Cozy. Slices of pizza in our laps.  Smiles on our faces.  Pittsburg Steelers preparing to play some team I don't know on the television.  Faith Hill dancing like a moron in the intro.

Me:  (absorbing grease on my pizza with several napkins) I'm excited for this game! 

Brad: That's just because you think Mike Tomlin is hot.

Me: (jumping on the sofa a little bit)  I KNOW.  He is hot in that really calm, nothing-can-ever-bother me way.  It's so attractive.

Hubs: (rolling eyes) If I said that about some woman, you'd kill me.

Me: (staring at Hubs blankly) But you know I don't mean it when I say it.

Hubs:  Oh, but I do?

Me: (snorting) Duh.  Men always mean what they say, but they say it all jokingly about it so they can say it and get away with it.

Hubs:  And you never do that.

Me:  (shocked) NEVER.

Hubs: (smirking) So you expect me to believe that when you jokingly say you think Ryan Reynolds is sex on a stick, you don't really mean that.

Me:  (baffled) I've never said that to you!

Hubs: No, but you've said it to other people.

Me: Well you weren't supposed to hear it.

Hubs:  (rolling eyes) Whatever.

Me: (switching back to watching television) Ooh, you know who else is kind of cute in a weird way?

Hubs: (watching Faith Hill shake her leather-clad booty all over the screen) Mmm.

Me:  Troy Balmahalo

Hubs:  You mean Troy Polamalu?

Me:  (nodding) Yeah, him.  The Head 'N Shoulders commercial guy with the long hair.  He'd look hotter if he cut his hair off.

Hubs: His hair is part of his culture, babe.

Me:  Oh right.  Cuz isn't he Honolulan?

Hubs: (stopping mid-bite of his pizza) Isn't he what?

Me:  Like from Honolulu.

Hubs:  He's from Hawaii...which would make him Hawaiian.

Me: (reminding myself to fully think things through in the future)  Boy, that Faith Hill is really hot, huh?


Reuben said...

what's a honolulan?

Kim said...

I was thinking Troy was from Hololulu, so I thought he was Honolulan. Stupid, I realize. I don't even think he is from Honolulu.

Anonymous said...

You're right, Kim. He was born and raised in California. He is of Samoan descent. But a hunk regardless.
Aunt Joy

Leah said...

Polamalu sounds similar to Honolulu. Honest mistake!

MrsDixon said...

Oh my! You are so my new favorite for coming up with this word! Love it!